I have been away awhile, busy with other writing projects. As the path to parenthood can be a long and challenging road for many, I have returned to let you know about this very helpful new app (note that I have no financial or other interest in it). FertiCalm was created by two experts in the field of reproductive psychology, Dr. Alice Domar and Dr. Elizabeth Grill. The  app is free and offers mind/body coping skills that can be experienced as emotional support during all phases of diagnosis and treatment as well as for a great variety of challenging life situations that arise while struggling to conceive (e.g., holidays, baby functions, or social events, experiencing difficult emotions and difficult relationships with family and friends, fertility treatment, the two-week wait, work, running out of options).

Check it out (www.FertiCalmApp.com). Compatible with both iPhone and Android, it offers over 500 cognitive-behavioral coping options and relaxation techniques. Although it remains unclear the exact impact stress has on fertility and/or fertility treatment, it is crystal clear that a large proportion of individuals experiencing infertility feel stressed. Stay tuned for more on that topic in a future blog.

FertiCalm, while not replacing the need for other supports, may sometimes be just what you need to help preserve your emotional health, create a sense of empowerment, and allow you to feel that you have greater control of your life again.

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