Will It Hurt Less if I Can Control It?

Do you need help with feelings of being out of control while you are experiencing infertility? There are ways to help yourself and your relationship.

Even if IVF Doesn't Work for You, Couples Can Still Conceive

Researchers have found that even after couples do not succeed with IVF, they can still conceive spontaneously after they complete all the treatment they plan to undergo.

Protecting Our Next Generation

If we wish for the next generation to be better protected from the trauma of infertility, education is needed.

For Those Yearning on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of the toughest days of the year for those yearning to become a parent. Find ways to be kind to yourself today.

Gamete Freezing Benefits for the Military

Proposed military benefits for fertility preservation offer a valuable opportunity for service men and women. However, additional decisions need to be carefully considered.

How to Know You are Ready to Try to Conceive Again

How to tell when you are both physically and emotionally ready.

Perseverance Can Pay Off

Can it be worthwhile to continue trying IVF, even if prior cycles have been unsuccessful? Know your personal limits, however.

A (New) Time for the New Year

Can we change our relationship to time to reduce some of the stress of infertility? Yes!

Good News for Donor Egg Recipient Mothers

Women conceiving through the use of donor eggs may contribute to their baby's genetic development after all.

Good News for Those with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Hope for those with polycystic ovarian syndrome to avoid the heartbreak and expense of infertility.

A Mathematically Determined Age to Start Trying to Conceive

A recent European study has created a mathematical model to determine at what age a woman should start trying to conceive, depending on number of children desired, the importance of this number, and willingness to consider IVF, if needed. How useful is this really to women and men?

Going the Distance through Fertility Treatment

Learn some suggestions on how to become your own best coach through the marathon of fertility treatment.

Brace Yourself

While egg freezing can offer a woman the possibility of extending her fertile years, it is a procedure that is far from benign in its psychological ramifications.

Five Common Myths about Miscarriage

Women and men alike have been found to have many misconceptions about miscarriages. In order to understand this experience and be able to support one's self and others going through such a loss, greater awareness of the truths about miscarriage is needed.

Who Owns the Embryos?

What couples can learn from the conflict over embryo disposition between Sofia Vergara and her ex-partner Nick Loeb.


Uncertainty is one of the certainties of life. While difficult to cope with, there are ways to help yourself as you traverse your path to parenthood.

I Want a Baby Desperately, He Doesn't

Are you and your partner having difficulty agreeing on whether to start a family together or not? Read on.

Too Stressed for Success?

Stress and Infertility - We know infertility creates stress; we don't know for certain that stress creates infertility. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help you persevere on your path to parenthood.

Handling the Holidays

Help for making the holidays easier for you as you go through difficult times.

The Value of Support

As the availability of face-to-face support groups diminishes or never was available in many locales for those experiencing infertility, can telemental support groups delivered directly to an individual's home (e.g., via the telephone or internet) provide comparable support?

Apple and Facebook Pay for Egg Freezing

Is a corporate offering to pay for egg freezing for young women a reflection of awareness of the conflict for women between career building and family building or merely a way to encourage women to postpone family building in favor of career building?

Three People and a Baby

Introduction to a technique of reproductive science that replaces faulty mitochondria (the energy sources of our bodies) in a woman's egg cell with healthy mitochondria to avoid the transmission of mitochondrial disease to her baby. However, this necessitates involving the DNA of three people rather than two to create a baby, thus raising issues of risks and ethics.

The More the Merrier, Cheaper by the Dozen?

Before fertility patients ask for a multiple pregnancy, they need to be aware of the risks. New technologies may help determine embryo fitness prior to transfer to help encourage the transfer of a single embryo during an IVF cycle.

A Weighty Matter

Is it fair for fertility specialists not to treat overweight and obese infertile women because of the increased risks to them during pregnancy and to their potential fetus?

Egg Freezing: A Modern Fertility Conundrum

Is age-related egg freezing a good idea for women to try to preserve their fertility?