A Special Section of the journal Psychotherapy (See the Contents below) gives powerful evidence that a renewal of humanistic values and practices is taking place in contemporary psychotherapy.

The articles of this special section embody a move away from formulaic and manualized techniques and toward engaged empathic-introspective inquiry and emotional understanding. The articles, in sum, strongly suggest that what is needed to ground psychotherapeutic practice is not, in Aristotle’s language, techne but phronesis or practical wisdom. Unlike techne, phronesis is a form of practical understanding that is always oriented to the particular, to the uniqueness of each individual and his or her relational situation, including, most importantly, the therapeutic relationship.

Psychotherapy Volume 49, Issue 4, (Dec)

The renewal of humanism in psychotherapy: A roundtable discussion.

Page 427-429

Schneider, Kirk J.; Längle, Alfried

The renewal of humanism in European psychotherapy: Developments and applications.

Page 430-436

Längle, Alfried A.; Kriz, Jürgen

Humanism and multiculturalism: An evolutionary alliance.

Page 437-441

Comas-Diaz, Lillian

The renewal of humanism in psychoanalytic therapy.

Page 442-444

Stolorow, Robert D.

Humanism as a common factor in psychotherapy.

Page 445-449

Wampold, Bruce E.

Toward a common focus in psychotherapy research.

Page 450-454

Elkins, David N.

Humanistic psychology and contextual behavioral perspectives.

Page 455-460

Hayes, Steven C.

The choice humanistic psychology faces.

Page 461-464

Hayes, Steven C.

The humanistic and behavioral traditions: Areas of agreement and disagreement.

Page 465-468

Elkins, David N.

Humanism and science: A reaction.

Page 469-470

Wampold, Bruce E.

Toward a renewal of personology in psychotherapy research.

Page 471-472

Stolorow, Robert D.

Psychotherapy as a healing practice, scientific endeavor, and social justice action.

Page 473-474

Comas-Diaz, Lillian

A European perspective on the position papers.

Page 475-479

Kriz, Jürgen; Längle, Alfried

The renewal of humanism in psychotherapy: Summary and conclusion.

Page 480-481

Schneider, Kirk J.; Längle, Alfried

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Robert D. Stolorow, Ph.D.

Robert D. Stolorow, Ph.D., is one of the original members of the International Council for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology, which stems from the work of Heinz Kohut.

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