Cultivating the Pasture They Put You Out To

The question is whether any further investment is worth the effort given the lifespan one foresees.

A Semi-Parody One Item Personality Test

What is the opposite of eating?

What Animal Are You?

Psychological health means constructing a version of oneself that is essentially human.

Why We Care Whether the Earth Is Flat

Much of life is Jeopardy, not Family Feud. We want to know the actual state of affairs, not what the survey says.

Admissions (and Job) Interviews in Clinical Programs

The selection process is a window into the program’s vision of what psychology is.

Has Your Therapist Been Replaced by a Robot?

A therapist who can’t pass the Turing Test (a computer’s ability to pass for human in conversation) should not be allowed to graduate.

The Privilege of Not Understanding Privilege

I don’t want rich people to apologize for being born with money; I just want them to act like they know they didn’t earn it.

Is APA Ruining Clinical Training?

Extensive requirements leave little time to reflect.

A Case Formulation for Tony Soprano

The meaning of the final scene in The Sopranos is that the simple moments of life have been ruined by the legacy of violence.

Is It Always Bad When Men Look at Women?

The Right may actually have a healthier (more accepting) view of men’s sexuality than some on the Left have.

The Wrong Spouse Typically Reads Psychology Articles

In marriage, therapy, and supervision, stay in key.

We Are All More Fact-Free Than We’d Like to Think

Facts are opinions held by the right people.

Is There a Place for Clinical Thinking in a Hospital?

Mark my words: In the not too distant future, some psychology organization will forbid us from treating cancer victims unless we hold some cancer credential.

The 3 Questions Parents Should Ask Their Children

The smart move is to say to your children what you want them to learn to say to themselves.

We All Hate Bullies but Disagree on Who They Are

Depression is often self-bullying.

Identity as Defense and Partisan Animosity

When Democratic and Republican politicians assure us that we are the living equivalent of Jesus or Caesar, respectively, it is tempting to believe them.

Matt and Lisa’s Wedding Ceremony

It’s much safer and more convenient to fall in love with your phone.

Why Men Grope Women

Compared to a woman paralyzed or befuddled by being groped, the man may feel like master of the universe.

How Parents Inadvertently Foster Racism

Parents inadvertently cultivate a twisted superiority that hitches a ride on racial categories.

White Sensitivity Is Like Black Sensitivity

Being put in your body unexpectedly is status-lowering, whatever color your skin is.

Why I Still Don’t Like Diversity Events

Humility itself becomes a perfectionistic ideal, and it’s alarming how arrogant people can become about how self-effacing they are.

Psychological-Mindedness as a Worldview

The fantasy of personal perfectibility has always been the enemy of psychological-mindedness.

Why I Prefer “Victim” to “Survivor”

Change the connotation of “victim,” not the term for it.

How Happy Are You?

If researchers really wanted to know how happy people are, they’d ask those people’s colleagues, neighbors, and family members, not the people themselves.

Can a Cook Be Replaced by a Recipe?

Even manualized therapies need clinical thinkers.

Real Men Don’t Type

In the computer age, the available jobs look to real men like training to be a girl.

4 Parts of a Real Apology

Apology is a relational process that leads to change.

Managing Emotions: Mindfulness, Impulsivity, and Goldilocks

Mindfulness is an affordable substitute for the real thing.

Getting It Wrong on the Way to Getting It Right

You can’t get to the master clinician’s cherished state of not knowing what to do directly from the trainee’s aversive state of not knowing what to do.

Emotions: What Are They?

The most important trait of a therapist is the ability to take strong emotions in stride.