3 Ways to Improve the Conversation on Economic Policy

We need to stop asking who has a right to our generosity and ask instead who is included in “we.”

3 Strategies for Troubled Teens

Replace a troubled personal identity with a more rewarding vocational identity.

A Behaviorist Contemplates Retirement (and Death)

A friend recently asked me if I would eventually want a retirement party. “Absolutely,” I said. “It’s called a funeral.”

When Millennials Take Charge of Psychology

Stupidity is the ratio of what you think you know to what you know.

6 Relationships in Every Marriage

Identifying which of the six marital relationships is implicated in any conflict can help the couple come up with resolutions and strategies to prevent future conflicts.

6 Things I Hate in Movies

Hollywood has a cocaine-induced view of the human condition.

Therapy Goals: Yours, Mine, and Ours

The definition of health is typically not in question in a medical model.

Working with Involuntary Therapy Patients

A therapist is an architect, not a carpenter.

Everyone’s a Princess Sometime

Most of what hyper-reactive people refer to as “triggers” are actually princess peas, evidence of their superior sensitivity that justifies the claims they make on others.

Psychology in "The Martian"

The correct way to live is based on a reasoned estimate of how much time we have left.

The Affluenza Defense

Poor black boys who steal booze and cars and recklessly kill people should be treated like the rich white boys, not vice versa.

Psychology in Making a Murderer

The most entrenched cognitive bias is in the direction of things we’ve already said and beliefs we’ve already acted on.

Why I Don’t Exercise As I Should

We don’t engage in treatment that is good for us if we don’t accept its mechanics or we don’t have a vessel for our positive feelings about the person treating us.

Dreams Are Allegories

Self-acceptance doesn’t mean an approving attitude toward everything you do.

Manualized Treatment and Teaching to the Test

So-called evidence-based treatment and educational assessment drive some of the best people from the profession.

What Scientists Take on Faith

Why should we trust a mainstream newspaper or a scientific journal more than the Bible?

Four Kinds of Depression and Self-Hate

Chemical solutions maintain the depressive frame, whereas philosophical solutions challenge it.

4 Major Sources of Anxiety and What to Do About Them

Sometimes the thing to do is to accept that nothing can be done.

How Anxiety and Depression Became Diseases

Only diseases are treated with medication, so philosophical problems like coping with uncertainty and managing loss and disappointment were framed as disorders.

Pressures on Your Therapist Not to Be Psychologically-Minded

A psychologically-minded therapist is to mainstream psychology like a person practicing a forbidden religion.

Is Your Therapist Psychologically-Minded?

A therapist who isn't psychologically-minded will feel superior to you.

The Mythology of the Helicopter Parent

Are helicopter parents primarily motivated to protect children from the parents’ own aggression?

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

Procrastination, weight problems, and over-spending all depend on feeling special.

The Seasoning Problem in Marriage, Parenting, and Therapy

The system functions more smoothly if the diner eats whatever is served; the system is better if the cook provides what the diner likes.

Suicide as a Form of Homicide

There are as many reasons for killing oneself as there are for killing other people.

The Vicious Circle of Ignorance

Applying strategies for cancer denial to students who hide their ignorance

Aren’t Some People Just Smarter Than Others?

The different races can be analogized to identical twins reared apart.

Why I Might Buy a Gun

Jefferson hoped that people like that Kentucky clerk would think of equal treatment of people under the law as a gift to them from God that she dare not interfere with.

Examples of the 4 Things Competent Therapists Do

The problem with principles is that they can lead to rules and checklists instead of empathic understanding.