Happy New Year, You're Fat

The promise of weight loss in the new year.

I Remember You

Life, love, and food experiences.

The Obese Among Us

I tried all of my life to separate what I ate from morality. Food was food. It wasn’t sinful, it wasn’t divine, it was just food.

My Valentine to the King of Diet Culture

On this Valentine's Day, I thought I would write about the man who saved my heart: physically, emotionally, and psychologically—the late Dr. Walter J. Kemper of Duke University Medical Center.

Ramble On

I know that food is my mortal enemy and I have few weapons against it. Each year I say that it will be different. I will turn down all invitations to festivities, I will not so much as make sugar cookie dough, and I won't buy any Halloween candy. Yet each year, I find myself in a whirlwind of eating

The Politics of Weight

Can a fat man be president?

Fat Fear

The fear of future fat haunts us.

I Learned the Truth at Seven

Our bodies shape our lives