ADHD in Adolescence: A Focus on Impulsivity

A tall, wiry man-boy in his early twenties, Ugo enjoys jumping off his parents’ two-story roof, doing BMX bicycle stunts in a half-pipe, and hitching skateboard rides by hanging on to the bumper of passing cars. Ugo is an adrenaline junkie—and has the scars and hospital bills to prove it. Ugo is impulsive.

Impulsivity: A Symptom of ADHD

Tegan was always impulsive. As a child, she loved adrenaline-like activities and literally would swing in the trees, just like she was in gym class, swinging on the parallel bars. Numerous trips to the ER were a consequence. As a young adult, impulsive decision making – quitting school, quitting jobs impulsively and spending money without considering a budget – was common.

ADHD and Women: A Vastly Under-Recognized Condition

On her Brownie overnight camping trip, instead of a teddy bear, she brought a six-pack and a flare gun. Zoe was a very busy little girl.