Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Do not feel ashamed about being a victim of sexual harassment. Shame is for those whose conduct is improper, not the victim.
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13 Reasons Why to Live

Sometimes depression doesn't let us see the beauty of life.


Forgiveness is difficult.

The Golden Years...Not So Golden.

Think of the last day of your life. How will you feel to reflect on your journey?

False Imprisonment: Husband Locks Wife Up in House

“Doctor, what can I do when my husband locks me up in the house and doesn't let me go to church?”

Candidates Teach Youth On Bullying

Today's youth may become very confused when they observe Presidential candidates.


It has sadly become the norm for us to almost constantly live our lives in fear of a potentially horrific surprise.

TANGO: An Expression of Contemporary Relationships

Without mutual respect and trust, neither dance partners nor romantic partners can flourish.
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The Truth About Love

Without love, it’s difficult to find motivation in everyday life.|mconnors

A Judge's Ignorance on Sexual Assault Issues?

Under no circumstance is a minor capable of consenting to sex.

Let´s Go to the Movies

Movies have the ability to change our attitude, how we think and feel, and even our values.
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Today, March 8, We Honor International Women’s Day.

Violence against women and girls persists in all countries.

Sexual Exploitation of Minors or Adolescents

One in three young people who live on the streets are subjected to sex slavery upon only their first day of being homeless alone.

Gratitude: Think About It

With gratitude towards life

The War Between Siblings at Home

Why is it that they fight so much when both come from the same parents and are given the same love?

Psychological Slavery

Freeing oneself from this kind of relationship can be very difficult...


Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical. Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea.

Men, Power, and Masochism

An increasing amount of women feel supported in speaking up and making themselves heard.

Happier On Line-Relationships?

Love is love, no matter how you find it. We all search for love and expect happiness and companionship. People who develop relationships through online matchmakers that introduce individuals with similar interests may hope to be happier.

Playing with Death

For adolescents, playing with their life and sexual exploration are very exciting. It may be hard to believe that teens participate in behavior that risks their lives, but it is becoming a problem that is occurring more often.

No More Massacres

Guns are usually blamed for the horrific tragedies, but guns do not shoot by themselves. Someone operates them. It is time to look at what mental illness means and what we can do to avoid any further tragedies.

Women With Disabilities

Nearly one in four women reports experiencing violence from a current or former spouse or boyfriend at some time in her life.

What Cate Edwards May Be Going Through

The fact that Cate Edwards was by her father’s side at his trial seems to be a testament to her love for him. But it can be enormously distressing—and confusing—to feel love for your unfaithful parent while also experiencing anger, shame, grief, and betrayal.

Teens & Contraception: Secrecy vs Privacy

Do parents have the right to know about their teen’s intimate life? Should kids be allowed to keep secrets that could jeopardize their well-being? And when does parental responsibility trump a teen’s right to privacy?
"A Child's Anger Can Be a Warning"

"A Child's Anger Can Be a Warning"

Often even well-meaning parents don't understand their child's angry behavior. Temper tantrums are normal for very young children, and lashing out with angry words is typical for adolescents. But what about threats or actions that go beyond predictable behavior?
Liars and Deceivers

Liars and Deceivers

Just like the alcoholic who needs the next drink, lying can become addictive...Unfortunately, it is not easy to change. But it is not impossible. A lie is lying to yourself. You can begin the journey of "coming home." The way out of this vicious circle is in permitting yourself to be who you really are...

Did Schwarzenegger Consider His Children?

Of course we cannot know what went through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mind when he decided to have an affair with a household employee. If he is anything like most men and women who are unfaithful, it is likely that he did not think about the affect his behavior might have on his children.

An Uncertain New Year – Let’s Make It Happy

A new year has just begun-a time we associate with renewed energy and hope. And yet I see more unhappy people than ever. What separates the hopeless from the hopeful? Is it within our power to overcome the depressing effects of difficult external circumstances? I believe it is.