Why Are There So Few Women in Science, Continued

Kudos to The New York Times for commissioning an article on why there are so few women in science. Author Eileen Pollack suggests two reasons.

Planning a Career Break? Make Sure It's a Pause, Not a Dent

A decade ago, Lisa Belkin wrote "The Opt Out Revolution," a New York Times Magazine piece that became instantly famous. It profiled women who had chosen to leave high-profile careers to stay home full-time, arguing that they had opted out because (to quote one) "women's brains light up differently."

What You May Not Expect When You’re Expecting

So you or your partner is pregnant. There are plenty of important decisions to consider, but as exciting as these considerations may be, they often distract from the more daunting task of navigating the workplace while expecting: sad to say, this is the dark underbelly of pregnancy in the United States.

Happy Birthday, ADA!

Expectant mothers risk losing their jobs, their babies, or both when employers deny them pregnancy accommodations at work.

The Downside for Dads

In continued celebration of Father's Day, let's remember that women can't "lean in" until men share the care, and men won't do this until workplaces adopt family-friendly policies and tackle the flexibility stigma that renders them impotent.

Pay Gap Deniers

Next week is the anniversary of the signing of the Equal Pay Act. Is it time to declare victory?

Is It Too Cold To Lean In? Women In STEM

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for women in STEM.

Shame On Those Queen Bees?

Grown up mean girls or victims of gender bias?

Makers, A Cautionary Tale

What the documentary revealed about the debate following Sandberg, Mayer, Slaughter and feminism today.

Women Don't Negotiate Because They're Not Idiots

You can't help but hear that "women don't ask," but do you know why?

The Duchess Throws Up

Kate Middleton is pregnant. She's lucky she's not an American gal.

Dying Childless at Thirty? Won't Help

A new report by the AAUW finds that the gender gap starts early.

Binders Upon Binders of Stolen Ideas

What Romney did last night was a very public example of "The Stolen Idea."

“The Polite Little Girl in the Room"?

Lessons from The New Girls’ Network: Beyond the "workhorse" and the "good-girl."

The Best Anti-Poverty Program?

What can we do now to address the problem of unstable schedules?

Feminism, on a Tightrope

Women ascribe additional meanings to the word feminism and those alternative meanings are too often negative.

The New Girls’ Network: The Science of Office Politics

Advice literature for women is a crowded field and a predictable one. Most advice falls into one of two camps.

Marissa Mayer and Suzie Brilliant: Rethinking the Gender War

Marissa Mayer and Suzie Brilliant: Rethinking a classic case of the gender wars.

The "Uppity Women" of Silicon Valley

Sexual harassment isn't "randiness" - it's a symptom of discrimination.

Will There Ever Be a Truce in the Mommy Wars?

Last Thursday an online tempest erupted when Hilary Rosen went on CNN to explain that she didn’t think Ann Romney was a worthy voice for America’s women because she “has actually never worked a day in her life.” The kerfluffle might seem familiar.

The Hunger Games' Vision for the Future

There's not a lot to love about The Hunger Games' Panem—but the upcoming movie provides a hopeful vision for a future of gender equality.

And the Oscar Goes to... a Man: Gender Bias at the Top

The myth of the meritocracy reigns supreme, but gender bias still keeps women from reaching the top.

Men and Women: Still Both From Earth

A new study purports to show fundamental differences between the sexes. But humans are taught literally from birth what is appropriate behavior for a woman and what is appropriate behavior for a man, and the fact that fully grown men and women have learned to exhibit different behaviors isn't exactly groundbreaking news.

A Survival Guide to the Holiday Season

Do tensions run high in your household around the holiday season? Break the cycle with a few simple changes.

Brag Like a Lady: Self-Promote Without Backlash

We all know that self-promotion is the way to get ahead, but it poses special challenges for women. Here are a few tips for making your achievements known in the office while avoiding being seen as a bitch.

Bad Advice Leads to Backlash for Working Women

Despite all the advice women receive telling them that they fall behind men in the workplace because they don't ask for raises; because they don't network; because they don't promote themselves, it turns out that women actually do all of these things, as much as or more than men. The problem isn't us, it's them.

Michele Bachmann: Mad Woman or Cool Under Pressure?

Deeming Michele Bachman the Queen of Rage - particularly in tandem with that admittedly crazy-eyes photo - is bound to trigger certain negative-competence stereotypes. The thing that makes Newsweek's cover a low blow is that Michelle Bachmann does anger well.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

A grandfather who worked for a tracker supply company arrived at work one day to find that his employer, with no notice, had posted an announcement of two hours of mandatory overtime.