Unite and Celebrate Recovery

Is your loved one causing you to sink into helplessness? You can find solace and support with others in the same boat.

Negative Self-Talk: Don't Let It Overwhelm You

Is negative self-talk wearing you down? You have the power to change it.

Don't Let a Loved One Steal Your Joy

Is your loved one stealing your joy? Here are some ways to get it back.

Addiction and the Brain

Learning about addiction and the brain can help loved ones.

AAAs of Recovery

Is there a substance abuse problem in your family? The three As of recovery can help.

Set a Boundary or Build a Wall

Do you struggle with setting firm boundaries? Here are a few things to consider.

Stigma and Secrets: Road Blocks to Recovery

Stigma and secrets are road blocks to recovery in addiiton.

"Do's" and "Don'ts" for Loved Ones

Is your loved one wearing your out? Some "Dont's" and "Do's" can help you cope.

How Some Beliefs Limit Loved Ones

You can identify and change beliefs that limit you.

Celebrate Progress

Is perfection getting in the way of helping your loved one? Focus on progress instead.
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Give Gratitude a Go

Developing an attitude of gratitude can help family and friends deal with the challenges of addiction.

Embracing the Cs and More

Is your loved one breaking your heart? Courage, compassion, and community can help you cope.

Ancient Wisdom Can Help Loved Ones Deal With Addiction

Do your thoughts, words, and actions harm your relationship with your loved ones? Changing can help you and your loved one better navigate the addiction journey.

Some "Do's" and "Don'ts" for Loved Ones

Are you trying to figure out how best to handle a loved one's addiction? Consider some do's and don'ts.

Our Loved Ones Are Not "Bun Worthy"

When addiction trumps good intentions, loved ones feel betrayed.

Setting Boundaries for Loved Ones

Setting and sticking to boundaries is easier said than done.

Why is Gratitude a Helpful Tool for Loved Ones?

Research supports the benefits of gratitude. It can help shift one's perspective from negative to positive.

Untangle Yourself From Your Loved One's Addiction

Sharing stories and taking action can help us deal with our loved one's addiction.

Ditch Perfection and Embrace Progress

Does the voice of perfectionism shout at you? You can learn how to quiet it down.
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Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

Is the stress of loving someone who abuses alcohol and drugs harming you? A few mini-relaxation techniques can help quiet your busy mind.

Dancing in Denial: What It's Like and How to Stop It

Is denial in your relationship with a loved one making your crazy?

Facing Fear and Letting Go

A mother's decision to finally accept what she cannot change.
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Overcoming the Holiday Blues

It isn't all "ho, ho, ho" for loved ones during the holiday season. Here are a few suggestions for overcoming the holiday blues.

The Six Cs of Recovery

Courage, compassion, and community can help loved ones overcome co-dependency.

Making Progress in Writing and Recovery

Is co-dependency driving you crazy? Like a writer you can revise your behavior and produce a better draft of yourself.

Lessons Learned in Recovery

Lesson learned by loved ones to help them deal with the challenges they face with family members with substance abuse issues.

The Three Cs and More

Courage, compassion and community are key ingredients to help loved ones heal.
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Conflict is a part of every relationship. It’s often more pronounced for family’s affected by addiction. Often moms, dads, sisters and brothers disagree on how best to handle the thorny situations fueled by the addict’s behavior.

Detaching with Love

Family and friends often feel trapped in their loved one’s addiction. Their challenge is to let go with love.
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10 Wishes What Loved Ones of Addicts Really Want

If you are related to or in a relationship with someone who abuses alcohol or drugs, life can be filled with many highs and lows. What are some TRUE DESIRES that you might have in common with someone else going through the same process of acceptance and self-help?