Lost At Sea

It’s the nightmare all of us ocean sailors have had: being lost at sea. Last weekend a good friend, Ned Cabot, was thrown overboard by a rogue wave and drowned.

For Better and for Worse and for Butt-Ugly

Sometimes caregivers, spouses, family, and friends don't get enough appreciation for all they go through when a loved one has a medical crisis.

Good Grief

A reflection on how our shared vulnerability and grief connects us all if we share it with each other. Grieving together heals.

Dis-Ease of the the Heart: Part VI

This is the concluding entry on my emergency heart crisis. I hope it will have been useful for you. I am am very grateful to be here.

Dis-Ease of the Heart: Part V

This series on my heart crisis unfolding as it happened hopefully will be helpful for all fellow patients as well as giving care-givers a sense of one patient's experience.

Dis-ease of the Heart: Part !V

Reporting an unfolding heart surgery

Dis-ease of The Heart: Part III

In midst of unfolding health drama. Double by-pass surgery tomorrow.

Dis-ease of the Heart: Part II

This is my story of my emergency heart situation as it is unfolding. I will be posting as regularly as I can. I hope it will be helpful to others going through a health crisis and informative for the walking well.