The Case for Real Beauty

The Case for Real Beauty

Real beauty. It sounds like an oxymoron, but it is now a welcome message for many women. While the shift has been slowly building, we're currently witnessing an important sea change in how beauty is viewed in today's culture.
The Beauty Gap is Closing

The Beauty Gap is Closing

Whether men's interest in cosmetic products and services is viewed positively or negatively, there are clear reasons to believe this trend will continue to grow in years to come.

Beauty Ambivalence

I've never liked the saying (not to mention the sentiment) "you can't be too rich or too thin." But now, "you can't be too beautiful" is under fire, too. When it comes to women and their looks, it seems we just can't win.

Your Profile Photo Reveals More Than Meets the Eye

How well does your online profile express who you truly are? For millions of people today, this is not an unimportant question since the results can strongly impact their future.

Turning a Midlife Crisis Into an Opportunity

A true midlife crisis hits when overwhelming anxiety about aging combines with a person's biological and psychological changes. While this confluence of events wreaks havoc for some, it need not lead to an emotional meltdown for all.

Can Females Influence the Culture of Sports?

When Congress passed Title IX 40 years ago, many believed it would be a breakthrough for women and sports. The law not only provided equal financial support for girls' teams in schools, but changed attitudes about female athleticism. But, while an unprecedented number of young girls are now on the fields instead of the stands, few have gone on to become sports leaders.

Abusive Coaching

We have to open our eyes to cruel and unnecessary tactics being used to bring exceptional talent to fruition. Making winning a priority over all else is not good for anyone involved -- coaches, parents and definitely not students -- and ultimately muddies the spirit and joy of healthy competition.

The 'New' Midlife Crisis

The 'midlife crisis' has served as fodder for many a Judd Apatow movie, but the reality of the experience is anything but funny. In truth, it's emotionally more complicated and when a true midlife crisis hits, it can wreak havoc for both men and women as well as their families and friends.

Are Media Moms Bad for Our Health?

From the first signs of baby bumps ("is she or isn't she?") to the days after delivery ("is she too fat or too thin?"), celebrity moms are paraded all over the media as if they were the first to have ever entered the maternal world. What is this obsession really about?

The Gender Hair Gap

While gender differences have narrowed in so many ways, when it comes to hair loss, the gap remains wide. A clean-shaven head may be commonplace among men, but it continues to be a rare and complicated choice for everyday women. Why is that? And is it likely to change anytime soon?

Teased About Your Looks?

How do we distinguish the angst and insecurities felt by most teenagers from the pain resulting from bullying? Does all teasing between kids warrant prohibition, or is there room for some joking and fooling around? When things clearly go too far, who should intervene -- the bullied, bystanders, parents, school administrators, state or federal governments?

Performance Anxiety

While you may assume performance anxiety is relatively rare, it's actually one of the most commonly reported symptoms among all social fears. And, unless you perform regularly, being in the spotlight is very challenging. If you expect it to be -- and prepare yourself using these tips -- then you may get through your performance with less wear and tear.

"Un-Whining" Your Life

"Un-Whining," is a tactic to productively deal with the urge to complain. It's based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a technique shown effective in undoing maladaptive habits. By challenging the thoughts and feelings attached to dysfunctional behavior (complaining), it offers alternatives that can result in more positive reactions.

Exercise Your Mind and Body

We have heard that playing Scrabble and doing crossword puzzles may help keep our minds sharp as we age. Now, new research suggests that if we can find a way to play these games while walking on a treadmill, we may stay sharper even longer.

Latest News about Teen Marijuana Use

While recent studies show some good news regarding the decline in teenage cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse, the bad news is that more are using marijuana and doing so more regularly than ever before. Studies also reveal a growing perception that marijuana use is harmless—a confluence of trends that could lead to an entirely new health crisis among teenagers today.

Connecting Through Online Dating

With the breakdown of social structures that once ensured connection to others -- like families and religious affiliations -- a romantic partner is viewed as the primary way to counteract isolation. Do online dating sites serve to alleviate that isolation? Or do they lead some to feel even more lonely?

Beauty That's Here to Stay

Rather than fighting the aging process, more women today seem to be coming to terms with it. They are redefining what it means to be beautiful — at age 50, 60 and beyond — and are wearing that new definition proudly on their faces. What a relief. What a positive outlook for future generations of women to come. It's about time!

Trauma Can Spark Change

While there have been gestures following the Sandy Hook shooting that have brought national attention -- like the one that NBC's Ann Curry began when she created a Twitter-generated program for 26 acts of kindness -- there are small ones within our own families that may go unnoticed. But it's these very actions by everyday people that may contribute most to helping avoid r

Surviving Guilt: Next Steps at Sandy Hook

Survivors of tragedies struggle in ways that most people find hard to understand. The emotions are complex and confusing. The feelings depend upon on the psychological makeup of the individual involved and vary depending on the nature of the traumatic event -- but one emotion felt by many is guilt.

Ten Tips For Raising Moral Children

Is there anything we can do now to avoid tragedies like Sandy Hook Elementary in the future? As a psychologist and a parent, I believe there is. We can understand the role we must play in the moral development of our children. We can acknowledge when they fail to follow this developmental track and seek counsel when they — or we — need help to get back on course.

Connecting in the Aging of Anxiety

In this age of anxiety, there seems to be, after all, a deep yearning for genuine human connection and real-life interaction devoid of electronic distraction. The question is, will future generations have the capacity to attain it and sustain it?

What Should Parents Do When Kids Break The Law?

How do we know when normal teen acting-out is a preamble to something far more sinister? Is it our parental responsibility to expose our children's suspicious activity and turn them over to authorities, or do we defend and protect them at all costs? Most important, are there things parents can -- and should -- do to avoid this dangerous trajectory?

More Myths About Menopause

With huge numbers of women currently facing menopause, you would think there would be more clarity about it all. But confusion and fear continue to fuel women's concerns. We have come so far in so many ways -- isn't it time to be upfront and open about this phase of life? Let's continue the "2nd Talk."

The Role of Role Models: Large Small or Any Size

So what does it mean to be a good female role model in contemporary culture? Besides the obvious—being strong, smart, powerful and independent—is it the woman who transforms herself, gets into shape and loses weight, or the one who rebels and doesn't care?

'The 2nd Talk' that Women Aren't Having

Some may not remember when menstruation was called "the curse." But it wasn't that long ago when it was considered a taboo topic. Now, women are quite nonchalant about their periods -- teens even call it their "friend." We've come a long way, so isn't it time to shift cultural attitudes about the second major transition in a woman's life?

The 'Over-Stuffed' Sandwich Generation

We hear a lot about Baby Boomers reinventing themselves—searching for new meaning, new mates and new adventures—yet increasing evidence suggests many are staying right at home caring for their children, grandchildren and even their own parents.

When is More Not Always Better?

When do advances in science enable us to do more, but alter the quality of our lives so that we ultimately have less?

Some Women Try 'Mirror Fasting'

Mirror fasting involves abstaining from looking at one's reflection for a set period of time. Is it a helpful behavior modification technique for people who struggle with their body image, or is it an avoidance tactic?

Internet Porn and Body Image

How does the changing landscape of internet porn influence the way young teens view their maturing bodies? And how does it shape their perspective on what is arousing?

Does Our Youth View Aging as An Illness?

Justin Beiber's comment about Prince William's thinning hair riled Brits, when he suggested he use Propecia, saying, "I just don't know why he doesn't just get those things, those products." Many took offense, wondering Gen X and Yers view aging as an illness that needs to be fixed.