All of us are tossed into this world. At birth, we are conducted into this world and we are completely dependent on the other. At death, we again are dependent on the other and we are conducted out of this world and some say to something beyond. In between these two experiences, is that space that we call life. And it is in this space that we find we have the choices to become. But within this space, some become lost and confused. These persons are those who develop extreme states of mind. Because their experience of the world has often been rife with traumatic imagery, they become trapped in this birth/death cycle rather than having being in this world. They become dependent on others. Their experience becomes existential death and their mindsets often become shifted back to an earlier, more infantile form. Many interactions and so called ‘treatments’ do nothing more but keep them trapped into these mindsets, never able to emerge, never able to transform breakdown to breakthrough. But I have found, that it is necessary for some in extreme states to have one to journey with who will guide them again through all the developmental states and to address the traumas that led to existential death, to walk with them as they leave the birth/death cycle and be able to live once again within the sacred space we call life.

About the Author

Dan Edmunds, Ed.D., D.D., B.C.S.A.

Dan Edmunds, Ed.D., D.D., B.C.S.A., is affiliated with the International Center for Humane Psychiatry and the European-American University.

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