If Everyone Gets Smarter

What would happen if everyone became smarter? Some things would be better, others would remain much the same.

Why we test determines what we test

The reason for testing determines the sort of intelligence test we need. Three types of reasons are discussed, and the requirements for testing for each are presented.

Improving Intelligence

There are almost as many ads for sharpening your mind as for flattening your abs. What are the bases for such claims, and how should they be evaluated.

The Holly Problem

How close are we to building androids? What happens when we do?

Educational Testing and the Great Divergence

One of the great social problems facing our country is the divergence between different strata of society. The way in which tests are used to ensure minimum standards of achievement, and to screen applicants for higher education, may be contributing to this divergence.

Organizing an Intelligent Nation

Suppose that the distribution of intelligence in a nation is fixed. How should that nation be organized to maximize the benefits gained from intelligence?

Personal experience and statistical truth

The question I want to raise is one that is a real puzzler for intelligence researchers. Why don't we get no respect? (Yes, I know that's a double negative. I'm just trying to imitate a TV comic.)

Introduction to a discussion of intelligence

Intelligence and cultural artifacts: Inextricably linked.