The Unusual Narcissism of Compulsive Givers

There's a paradoxical form of narcissism that involves compulsive giving. Essentially it's a way of bribing people into attachment.

When Coaching, Not Talent, Wins

The Warriors' win holds lessons for every executive, basketball fan or not.

The Blessings of Having a Court Jester

You want the truth, you can handle the truth, but who'll tell you the truth? Only a very special person. Here's why you should embrace a Fool.

Want Insights on Executive Psychology? Ask a Wise Old Jew

Leaders of all kinds would do well to heed what many grandfathers could tell them.
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Love Thy Enemy... as a Public Relations Blessing

Rather than fear what your enemies say, if they act like buffoons cry, "Send in the clowns."
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

If You Have a “Big Stick” Speaking Softly Is Natural

Ever wonder why rabble rousers act as they do? Here's why...

To Exude “Executive Potential” Act Like a Wolf

Standards of appropriate "executive comportment" seemingly fly in the face of standards of "political correctness"—with good reason.

Donald Trump and Muhammad Ali: Birds of a Feather

Who's the executive in the White House? The phallic-aggressive man obsessed with putting-down Arnold Schwarzenegger? A man who lauds men and women in the military? Both? Both!