On the Virtue of Not Knowing

Dawkins's has said that religion teaches the false virtue of accepting our not understanding the world. Is he right?

Is Science a Religion?

It is common to hear that science is another religion. This view is wrong in all the ways that matter.

Hillbilly Elegy

Psychological science could help alleviate or even end poverty. Clearly the United States won't pursue this, but perhaps some other country will, eventually.

False Is the New True—Part 2

Humans have never really like the truth, simply because it is almost always inconvenient. So, what's different now about blizzard of lies we experience everyday? Backsliding.

False is the New True

By some great luck, we missed Orwell's 1984. But 2084 is only 67 years away, and we are right on track—thanks partly to philosophy.

Of Gods and Burqas: on Seeing a Student in a Burqa

We are losing the fight between religion and both science and morality. The ghost of Orwell smiles.
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Darth Socrates: You don’t know the power of Philosophy

Experimental philosophy is all the rage in philosophy. But, like all other fads before, it will fall to philosophy's unanswerable questions.

How Paradoxes Populate Our Lives

Have you ever experienced something that was too sad for words? Then you have also experienced a paradox. And paradoxes make our lives beautiful.

It’s on: Science & Religion Throw Down; Part 2

A prominent argument that evolution cannot explain why humans are religious is examined and found wanting.

It’s on: Science & Religion Throw Down; Part 1

Why do some religious people insist that science and religion are not at war?

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Intelligent Design, a pseudo science, is back. This rough beast, insisting, "My ignorance is as good as your knowledge," now slouches toward Bethlehem to be born.

Fear and Voting

We all live in groups defined by shared fears, and shared ways of allaying those fears. Our fears therefore function as shibboleths. And thus my fears are invisible to you.

For Hallowe’en: From the Devil’s Point of View

The devil turns out to be not that bad and God not that good. What's going on?

The Truth Shall Set You Free—Except When It Doesn’t

Uncertainty can be more deadly than certainty, but certainty is what the law is looking for. Why, when is it such a rare commodity?

Weird Beliefs

You have some weird beliefs, beliefs that do not fit well with all your other everyday beliefs. To you, though, these beliefs are not weird at all. What explains this?

Is the World More Dangerous Now Than Ever?

Fear of violence seems to be governing our lives these days. But should it? Could the world actually be safer now than it has ever been?

The Psychology of Truth: Feeling It

Is there anything to truth over and above truthiness? Human psychology seems to say "No!"

When Diversity Is Wrong

We take religion too seriously. If all religions are false, then they should all be excluded from our public life.

Voting With Our Ancestral Brain

A good psychological theory suggests that attraction to Trump as a candidate could be written into our DNA. Could it also be now a mental disease?

Donald Trump Is a Black Swan

Human psychology and the unpredictable -- a dangerous mix, forcing us to explain the unexplainable. Trump's ascendency was a complete surprise, in spite of whatever you think.

The Many Species of Homo Sapiens

Humans are a species of African ape, but they also deserve their own phylum. How should we characterize this phylum?

Ignoring Science Is Killing Us

Racism plagues our lives. We'd do well to take its evolutionary roots seriously.

Homo Sapiens 2.0

Humans' religious proclivities help make human existence into a mass extinction event. The best way to solve this problem is to build the better angels of our nature — our machine replacements — and then usher in our own extinction, leaving Earth in better hands.

Lord of the Flies

What is the cost of humans being religious? It is much higher than we've been led to believe.

The Paradox at the Heart of Psychology

Human minds are pattern-hungry. This fact destroys any blithe confidence we have that our sciences are unearthing deeper knowledge. Yet, we cannot live our lives without this so-called knowledge. Certainly we cannot do science without it, and we cannot live our lives without science. Yet, are we doing science, or are we merely mapping the insides of our minds?
Eric Dietrich

The Excellent Beauty of Scientific Mysteries

Science finally reveals that though we are a part of the universe, it definitely does not revolve around us. It does this by unearthing mysteries that are completely resistant to resolution. These "excellent beauties," far from showing us where science has failed, show us instead what the universe -- with intelligent African apes in it -- is really like.

Beyond Atheism

Atheism, then, doesn’t really get at the heart of the matter. It is not that there are no gods or goddesses, but rather that there are no religions.

Can God Be Its Own Cause?

Many humans find First Cause arguments for the existence of God compelling. Why? There are two collaborating reasons: Our confusion over infinity, and our lack of confusion over the strange notion of being self-caused -- a property often attributed to God. Both of these implicate our amazing and puzzling ability to conceive.

Why Are There So Many Religions?

There are thousands of religions on Earth today. The best explanation for this puzzlingly high number is that being religious is an evolutionary adaptation.