Dreams Aren't Child's Play, or Are They?

Can we ever understand the mystery of dreams? What children's play can reveal about the nature of dreaming.

What Happens When a Therapist Goes Away

Patients often wonder if therapists think about them when they are away: some insights from a therapist's thoughts while on vacation.

Tic Tock: Reflections on Tourette's Syndrome Over Time

Who knew it was Tourette's Syndrome?

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Dollhouses seem to provide a perfect venue for little children to work out big ideas. They are a must-have for all those working with children of both genders.

Princess Culture: What Is It All About?

Despite all efforts to empower little girls with more gender neutral or less commercial preoccupations, many little girls insist on buying and wearing clothing and accessories that are very pink, princess oriented and very much a part of consumer culture. What is this all about?

Tics Are for Kids

Tics are common in childhood but can seem mysterious and strange. In fact at least 15% of all children will develop tics during the elementary school years. Understanding what tics are, as well as what they are not, may quell parental anxieties and also relieve a child who has developed them.

From Self to Selfie

We do not always know where our smart machines leave off and we begin. The author describes "influencing machine" delusions which closely resemble some of our current technological realities. There are subtle risks in the ways smart machines may be restructuring the development of small childrens' minds.

The Real News About Shoes

Why are so many people obsessed with shoes? Is there something about them that makes them a ready portal for fantasies of all kinds? Early development may hold a key as to why shoes have such special significance in our minds and within our culture.

Is It Hard to Think About Nannies?

A recent documentary film, "Finding Vivian Maier," about a Chicago nanny who had a secret life as a photographer, raises questions about why parents are often not curious enough about those whom they hire to care for their children.

What Happens in Play Therapy?

Child therapy can seem mysterious to parents even when they know their child needs help. Parents often worry that the therapy itself might be a distressing experience or conceive of it as akin to what adults do in the consulting room. In fact most children who enter play therapy find it a comforting and familiar experience and take to it readily.

Old Blankeys Never Die

Children and toddlers are not the only ones with security blankets.