Fake vs. True Forgiveness

Undeniably, forgiving others for their wrongs to you has many practical, as well as spiritual, advantages. But the problem is that too often it takes place in the head, rather than the heart. Primarily an intellectual act, it doesn’t go nearly far enough. Rational, logical, and objective, it assumes—wrongly—that mental effort alone can talk the heart out of its feelings.

Are Your Boundaries Making You Miserable?

Sure, you need boundaries. And undeniably, you have the right to assert them—whether to safeguard your privacy, self-respect, or basic sense of decency. So it’s crucial to develop the ability and self-confidence to say no, or to tell others to stop doing what they’re doing. But what also needs to be emphasized is that some of your boundaries may be holding you hostage. . .

Make Time for the Pain

When someone comes into therapy essentially requesting a major mental and emotional overhaul, I typically warn them that we’ll be doing a lot of grief work. That is, if we’re to accomplish a major transformation of their self-image, they’ll need to revisit many of the times and places where their painfully felt insecurities and self-doubts originated.

6 Ways to Recreate, Not Just Salvage, Your Relationship

In my previous post, I emphasized that merely "salvaging" a relationship can’t lead to meaningful, long-lasting couples’ change. The main problem with such rescuing is that it. . .

Hypochondriacs—Might They Live Longer?

Surely, we all know (or know of) a hypochondriac. And a cyberchondriac—a colloquial term for hypochondriacs perpetually scouring the Internet for diseases that might fit their worrisome symptoms—have also become increasingly prominent. But might there be some practical benefits to being hypervigilant about atypical or anomalous bodily sensations?

9 Ways Your Old Programming May Be Holding You Hostage

"Old programs,” refers to childhood decisions made to adapt to a conditionally accepting family. hen you’re dependent on your parents, what could be more essential than?

Don’t Let Your Anger “Mature” Into Bitterness

All bitterness starts out as hurt. And your emotional pain probably relates to seeing whoever, or whatever, provoked this hurt as having maliciously, and gratuitously, wronged you.

Don’t Just Salvage Your Relationship—Recreate It!

Positive connotations for the word "salvage" aren’t very favorable. For salvaging something typically involves rescuing it after it’s been all but lost or destroyed. Whatever is retrieved is hardly in the best shape. If you’re in a relationship that has seriously decayed, merely “saving” it from its final demise doesn’t mean you’ve made it all that much better.

Codependent or Simply Dependent: What’s the Big Difference?

Being codependent is hardly the same as simply being dependent. And in some ways it’s crucial that these two types of dependency be seen as distinct—as too often hasn’t been the case. Not, however, that codependent individuals aren’t dependent on others. So what's the peculiar dynamic operating in such relationships that makes them so tricky to understand?

Just How Dark Is Your Dark Side?

When we talk about our dark side, we’re generally calling attention to our most aggressive, or lustful, anti-social instincts. Acting out impulses that would disrupt others’ lives—if not downright decimate them. But what I’d like to suggest is that our darkest fantasies might not be anywhere as demonic as typically supposed.

The 3 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner

These three all-too-common phrases relate to remarks—whether well-meaning or not—virtually guaranteed to antagonize your mate. Regardless of your motive, their likely reaction...

Better Sorry Than Safe?

I’ve long been intrigued by clichés that, while embodying precious nuggets of wisdom, contradict other clichés. So we have “better safe than sorry,” yet also “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” How, then, are we to reconcile these opposing verities? The physicist Niels Bohr once reflected that "the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth."

Don’t Call Them “Rape Fantasies”

Study after study has revealed that one of women’s most popular erotic fantasies is being raped. Yet the fundamental dynamics of such fantasies has almost nothing to do with such a heinous act—which isn’t simply aggressive, but coercive, violent, and at times life-threatening. A woman’s feeling scared out of her mind is hardly conducive to sexual arousal...

The Moral Ambiguity of Bliss

So what could be so bad about feeling good—I mean really, really good? Unfortunately, like so many other, all-too-complicated things in life, the whole notion of bliss is replete with ethical contradictions and inconsistencies.

Where Are You When You’re “Beside Yourself”?

The expression “I was beside myself” is one of our language's most intriguing idioms. And the mental state—or better, feeling state—it refers to bears a peculiar resemblance to the splitting of schizophrenia. Still, this familiar phrase is hardly to be taken literally. So just what essential part of you suddenly makes a guest appearance when you're feeling this way?

Do Men Mostly Prefer Breasts—or Buns?

Might it be possible that more men actually prefer to ogle a woman’s buns than her bust?

To Save Time, Go Slow!

Many common expressions support the paradoxical claim that to go fast, it’s best to go slow. One of my favorite comes from the 12-step model of addiction recovery--which goes: “Failing to plan, we plan to fail.” In the hurry to progress with something as quickly as possible, it’s all too easy to neglect or short-circuit some aspect essential to its successful completion.

Attention Couples! Here Are 5 Ways to “Get Crazy” Together

Because we live in a competitive, work-driven society, adult play gets far more lip service than actual practice. Yet research has repeatedly shown that couples that play together stay together. Still, saddled with the manifold responsibilities of being a grown-up, kicking back and getting crazy—or “crazy romantic”—with your partner may rarely make it to your "to do" list.

Is Humanism Hedonistic?

Humanism has a particularly noble, longstanding history. Nonetheless, its secular, non-Christian orientation would seem to constitute the main reason that right-wing pundits like to attack it as immoral—and link it negatively to hedonism. For as Greek Hedonism was literally pre-Christian, today’s humanism might (at least symbolically) be seen as post-Christian.

9 Reasons It's So Easy to Be Misunderstood

How many times have you thought you were communicating clearly, only to discover that your words were taken in a way you never could have imagined? And likely, more negatively (though, at times, more positively, too). Here are eight varying explanations as to why the communication that you delivered might be quite different from the communication actually received.

Do You Need to Be Liberated From Your Past?

Do you feel free to be yourself? Have you ever been told that you overreact to others—or perhaps that you underreact to them? In one way or another, behavioral programs that were adaptive for you in childhood may be continuing, however irrationally, to govern your behavior as an adult. And if this is the case, the present post may offer you some "actionable" insights.

Can You Give Your Spouse as Much Love as They Don’t Deserve?

So when does your partner’s behavior least warrant your affection and caring? Maybe when, under the circumstances, their anger seems completely unjustified? when it’s exaggerated, ill-mannered—or experienced as just plain mean. Or maybe when you can’t help but regard them as being totally unreasonable: rigid; stubborn; dense; surly; disrespectful; passive-aggressive . . .

Can You Be Fulfilled by Desire? Three Illuminating Examples

Consider that—quite literally—your dreams are comprised of visual and auditory hallucinations. But thoroughly “wrapped up” in them, you can’t help but experience them as real. Fantasy and reality are no longer separable: they’re fused, indistinguishable. And in your most pleasurable dreams, what’s being dramatized is the fulfillment of a personal wish. . . .

Confronting Others: For Their Sake, or Your Own?

Far too often when we confront someone, we’re not considering how our requesting (or demanding!) that they change will actually benefit them. Rather, in the moment our sole concern is for ourselves. And this is the case whether our encounter is contrived to offer us an advantage over them, advance our particular preferences, or simply make us more comfortable with them....

LeBron James to Cleveland: "I'm Coming Home."

As unhappy--and angry--as Cleveland fans were with their hero, LeBron James, his decision to return "home" from South Beach, Florida, has made them ecstatic.

End Procrastination for Good: How to Revise Your Life Script

If you weren’t conflicted about doing something, you’d do it, right? The problem is that much of the time, as regards tackling a task or pursuing a project, you’re of two separate minds. One part of you knows it should be done and is ready to do it. The other part, and for any number of reasons—eight of which I’ll enumerate below—doggedly resists your best efforts.

What Does Donald Duck Have To Do With Anger Control?

Anyone who’s watched old Disney cartoons knows that Donald Duck is all-too-easily provoked to fits of temper. And perhaps what stands out most about Donald’s squawking tantrums is how ludicrous they make him appear. In fact, the angrier he gets, the more impossible it is to take him seriously.

8 Situations When You Should Keep Your Mouth Shut

There are circumstances where it’s extremely difficult not to respond, especially when someone has just pushed your buttons. But in tense, problematic situations it's imprudent...

Can Your Body Express Multiple Emotions Simultaneously?

All feelings–vs. thoughts–have a certain physiology to them. You cannot experience an emotion without at the same time experiencing a corresponding bodily sensation (or sensations). And each of your emotions resides in a particular place(s) in your body–their “native home,” as it were. Unless you feel an emotion so intense and overpowering that it’s all over your body

Can You Feel Two Emotions at Once?

Have you ever felt happy and sad at the same time? Or experienced an emotion as bittersweet? Or had feelings so mixed that you were compelled to vacillate between two courses of action—or reaction? If you can relate to any of these possibilities, this piece should help you better understand those times when you're feeling uncertain, confused, or ambivalent.