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What Motivates Us and Why

What methods work best to encourage people to strive for lofty goals?

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Sex Education: Teens Teaching Teens

There is clear evidence that risky sexual behavior harms young people. Does peer-led sex education help them avoid risky behaviors?

Evidence-based Basketball: Research on the NCAA Tournament

More than $10 billion is at stake this month as Americans bet on the March Madness basketball tournament.

Science News: Believe It or Not?

A new study demonstrates that media reports often miss the real news.

In Preschool, Quality Counts the Most

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Exercise and Social Support: What We Know

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Mental Health and Sexual Orientation: What the Evidence Says

It’s no secret that being different can be a source of stress in our society. Individuals of minority sexual orientations may feel that stress most acutely.

The Evidence on Vacations

While a trip to the beach sure feels good, is there any evidence that vacationing is actually good for you?

What We Know About Fake News

Unfortunately, fake news is everywhere now. But what does it mean? Is there any data on the impact of fake news in our society?

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