This Is Your Brain on Disenchantment

We've all been here. Disenchantment. Child or adult, the feeling is the same!

The One and Only Marital Obligation

Enough already!  It's not that complicated.  One guideline is all you need.

Beat the Odds Against Marital Success

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

Bad advice: Follow your heart

Follow your rational analysis.  Follow your intuition.  But, as harmless as it may sound, do not follow your heart. 

Walking the Path Alone: Self-responsible Spouse

Going it alone is not what most brides and grooms envision on their wedding day. We're picturing a lifetime of togetherness. Planning to meet each other's needs. Hoping never to be lonely again.

Self-care in a toxic world

Gulf Coast oil gusher. Gaza blockade and flotilla. North Korea. Joblessness. Homelessness. Practicing self-care in a toxic world is more than following instructions to "keep calm and carry on."

Don't tell! They'd banish us, you know.

In praise of the ordinary wedding: I'd rather have an ordinary wedding than an ordinary marriage.

Is your partner a matrimonial slacker?

According to conventional wisdom, matrimonial slackers cause marital dissatisfaction.

How to Train Your Dragon

Becoming an expert user of your own brain or, metaphorically, training your dragon is essential to behaving self-responsibly.

There are no right people!

Everybody marries the wrong person. Yes, everybody. You married the wrong person and your spouse did, too.