Our Anger Crisis: Self-Respect and Getting Angry

Martha Nussbaum thinks we don't need anger in order to have self-respect. But isn't the anger-free person weak?
Geralt, via pixabay

Our Anger Crisis: Anger Elevates Us By Pulling Others Down?

Injustice tells the world that wrongdoers and their victims are not moral equals. Can anger and retribution symbolically restore their equality?
After Lysippos [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Our Anger Crisis: What Good Is Payback

Anger makes us want to retaliate against those who've harmed us. Martha Nussbaum says that's irrational and incoherent — is she right?

Our Anger Crisis: The Pleasure and Pain of Anger

Anger is a strange emotional brew: painful, but tinged with pleasurable anticipation at seeing wrongdoers suffer. Should we cultivate anger, or shun it, as Martha Nussbaum argues?

Our Anger Crisis: Can Philosophy Help?

We are facing a rising tide of anger in public and private life. Can philosophy help us navigate our way through—or even beyond—anger?

Harsh Justice

It seems natural to think that the harsher the punishment, the more it will deter crime. But some recent studies suggest that isn't the case. Here some tools from economics and philosophy are used to explore why.

The Perilous Ethics of 'Zero Suicide'

Sweden sets 'zero suicides' as its public health goal. Should we follow suit?