Part of my motivation for starting this blog is that I believe philosophy has something to offer people, and yet much of the philosophy written these days is written by philosophers to philosophers. This is an important part of philosophy, but I think there needs to be a bridge between academic philosophy and the rest of society. Careful reflection about life's big and small questions can help us live better lives, and improve society. Philosophy literally means "the love of wisdom," and surely we could all use a good dose of wisdom to apply to our daily lives: our work, relationships, and other passions. With that said, I'd like to get some feedback from my readers. What topics related to ethics would you like to read about and discuss on this blog? Be as general or specific as you like. At present, I'm planning on continuing my series of posts on what different philosophers have had to say about happiness and human fulfillment. I'm also considering posting on individual virtues, including courage, compassion, and humility. And I'd like to continue to talk about ethical issues in the family and in sports. Let me know what you'd like to read.

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