Good Sex

Truly good sex is about more than bodies, it is about persons.

To Thine Own Self Be True?

Don't be you. Be a better version of you.

One Key to a Good Marriage

For a good marriage, focus on being the right person.

Knowledge and Humanity

What we can know sets us apart from the other animals.

Parenthood and Resilience

Resilience is a crucial but often neglected trait that parents should try to build in their children.

Do Less

In 2015, I plan to do fewer things better, more deeply, and in a less hurried manner.

My Top Books From 2014

"A good book can teach you about the world and about yourself." -Mortimer Adler

How Many Slaves Work for You?

Many of the things we own and enjoy are the products of slave labor, but there is something that we can do about this.

The Habit Model of Moral Development

According to Aristotle, moral development is fairly simple. To become more virtuous, we must do virtuous acts.

Freethinkers, Reason, and Religion

This should not be the case: "As soon as someone tells me--straight-faced--they are a 'free thinker,' I can immediately guess what they think about almost everything."

Coaching, Character, and Youth Sports

Coaches have a special responsibility to attempt to foster sportsmanship and other virtues in their athletes, in part because of the power they possess as coaches.

Is Time Management an Ethical Issue?

How we manage our time, or how we let it manage us, is an ethical issue. A life of virtue requires that we be intentional about it.

Why Forgive?

It is true that forgiveness has therapeutic value for the forgiver. But it can have great value for the forgiven as well.

Becoming a Better Man

Women are commonly asked about how they balance their family responsibilities and work responsibilities. But what about men? One of the many reasons men should focus on their family obligations and relationships is that the family is "a classroom for the soul".

Soccer, Moral Decay, and Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is wrong about soccer and moral decay. In this post I discuss the good, the bad, and the beautiful game.

The Myth of the Bible Belt

The South may be the most religious part of the United States if church attendance and a verbal profession of Christian belief are the sole criteria for religiosity. However, if we take a set of criteria from the New Testament, then this may be a myth.

The Nature of Faith

If we simply appeal to a definition of faith as belief without evidence, we close ourselves off to exploring the possible evidence on each side of the God question.

Intellectual Curiosity

As children, we were naturally curious about almost everything. This may have annoyed our parents and teachers, but it is also an essential part of human development. If we want to grow intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually, we need to ask questions and seek answers. We need intellectual curiosity.

Diving in Soccer: Keep the Outrage!

What's wrong with diving in soccer?

A Virtuous Mind: Fair-Mindedness

What does it mean to be intellectually fair-minded? And how can it benefit us to have this trait?

Becoming Good

Spiritual practices can play a key role in transforming our character, which is essential for true and deep happiness.

We Need Stricter Gun Laws

The right to own a firearm is not absolute. We should impose stricter conditions upon the exercise of that right.

A Virtuous Mind: Tenacity

We need intellectual tenacity in all of life.

A Virtuous Mind: Carefulness

We have a tendency to be intellectually careless. But the intellectually careful person wants to know the truth, and is diligent in her pursuit of it.

A Virtuous Mind: Courage

Sometimes acquiring knowledge requires intellectual courage. We need such courage because knowledge rightly applied plays an important role in our pursuit of happiness.

The End of Sportsmanship?

We need a revival of sportsmanship, at all levels of sport.

Wisdom for Daughters

As parents, we want our daughters to know that their value is not dependent upon the false standards embraced by popular culture. We want them to know that their character is what matters most.

Learning from the Past and the Future

What is it inside of us that moves so many of us to disregard the well-being of others?

How Are Atheists Allied With God?

There are deep divisions related to some moral and political issues in our time. But if we think of ourselves as allies of the Good, rather than enemies of one another, perhaps we can then carve out enough common ground to work together for the common good.

A Surprising Trait for Successful Business Leadership

There is significant evidence that humility plays a crucial role in successful business leadership.