What's Wrong with Negative Soccer?

Is there something morally wrong with parking the bus?

The Character Gap

Most of us, at the core, are a mix of good and evil. There is a gap, a character gap, between who we are and who we should be.

The Devil You Know

Elicka Peterson-Sparks argues that there is a strong connection between certain forms of conservative Christianity in the United States and criminal behavior.

Alabamians Should Not Vote for Roy Moore

What could a Republican pro-life candidate do to disqualify him or her from office in the minds of philosopher Tully Borland and others who share his view? Anything?

Coaches Should Be Role Models

What determines the nature of a coach's influence on athletes? There are many factors in play, but a primary one is the character of the coach.

Playing Hurt

A vulnerable and inspiring story from sportscaster John Saunders.

Moral Decency and the Dreamers

What does it say about our character if we deport 600,000-800,000 people who have essentially grown up in our country back to a place they've never known?

The 7 C's of Success: A Strong Confidence

Confidence is key for attaining worthwhile goals.

Money, Pride, and Injury Risks in Youth Sports

There are too many people focused on making money off of youth sports in the United States, while putting the health and other interests of young athletes at risk.

Free Speech and Thought on Campus

Whatever one's views are concerning politics, ethics, and religion, we should engage in discussion, dialogue, and debate about these issues.

Promotion and Relegation for Soccer in the USA

The United States should play the world's game the world's way. We need promotion and relegation to truly compete with the world's best at the beautiful game.

Humility and Sports

Sports can be a school for the virtue of humility, but many aren't allowing this to happen. Fortunately, we can change this, if we are intentional about it.

The President and the Vice of Pride

A medieval monk assesses the president.

Christian Ethics and Refugees

To simply dismiss all of the world’s refugees because of some misguided ideas about heaven, or the false gods of safety or Christian nationalism, is simply unacceptable.

Morally Decent Trump Supporters

I don’t believe that Donald Trump is the answer to what ails us, but neither do I believe that the way forward is to demonize all of his supporters.

Love and Sports

If it is intentionally cultivated, the virtue of love can flourish in athletic contexts.

Selfishness, Stoicism, and Epicureanism

The good of deep and loving relationships with others carries with it an unavoidable vulnerability to pain and suffering, which many are keen to avoid.

The 7 C's of Success: A Clear Conception of What We Want

Some of the richest human experiences happen when we join with others in a common cause that contributes to the common good as we work together in creative love.

The Quest for Success and Happiness

It is in giving ourselves to something greater than ourselves that we experience true success and lasting happiness.

The Struggle and the Triumph of the Olympics

One reason we love the Olympics is that we want to see others achieve incredible things, even through seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The Usefulness of Philosophy

Fundamentally, the study of philosophy, whether in a classroom or not, should lead to wisdom for everyday life. And that is a goal we should all value, for its own sake.

Leisure and Happiness

Many have exaggerated the value of work, and forgotten about something else we need for true happiness, namely, leisure.

Is a Philosophy Degree Useful?

If your son or daughter comes home and informs you that they want to major in philosophy, don't panic! They'll be able to do much more than ask about french fries.

Sports and the Postgame Handshake

At the end of the game, should we always, without exception, attempt to shake the hands of our opponents?

Should I Let My Kid Play Football?

Parents whose kids want to play football should consider the other ways in which their kids might get its benefits without incurring the risk of serious harm.

Achieving Happiness: Advice from Pascal

Pascal wants us to consider the big questions of life and give them the attention and deep thought that they deserve.

The Sexism of Donald Trump

The sexism of Donald Trump should disqualify him as a viable candidate for President of the United States.

The Oasis Within

The first book in a series of novels focused on finding wisdom for the journey of life.

Starbucks and the Real War on Christmas

Please stop co-opting the Christian faith for your culture war. Most of us want nothing to do with it.
EKU Seal

Universities, Violence, and Community

What can we do about violence on campus? One step is to foster true and deep community.