Yes, envious states of mind are inevitable!

If envious attitudes are inevitable, what can we do about them?

First, there is benign envy, and there is malignant envy.

The unconscious forms of envy, typically deadly, cause trouble. This underlying inclination to see everything as "all-black or all-white" creates a divided self. And a divided, incoherent sense of self shows up as anxiety, stress, unhappiness, stagnation, malcontent, feeling angry, and poor performance. Error, accidents, and disaster follow.

When one realizes that the mind is biased to make comparisons---all the time, quickly noticing the automatic framing of "superior-inferior" thinking (Envy!)  launches possible corrective interventions.

Inevitable mental comparisons are rich-poor, attractive-ugly, desirable-undesirable, "they have--I don't," and so forth.  Trying to interrupt these dichotomies gives you the freedom to move forward. Moving forward opens new possibilities. Working with what one does have and building on it and bettering it is the key to success!

Thinking in other than "either-or" ways broadens one's possibilities.

States of malcontent then can reconfigure themselves into active motivational states. Motivation reinforces self-efficacy, a belief in empowerment to do something new and do it successfully.

Of course, one's values have to be constructive and health-promoting---not negative and self-sabotaging or destructive toward others.

Following these suggestions enhances enthusiasm for self-improvement and turns envy into emulation and constructive self-empowerment.

See more articles on tools to manage envy---envy management skills--- on this blog and in the author's books: "Envy Theory" (2010) and "Biomental Child Development" (2013) on

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