Life: Horse Race, Rat Race, or Amazing Adventure?

Cryptographic Key?, Epistemophilic Impulse? Creating a Self? I Thought I Existed. But---Who I am I, Really?

Performance Accountability: A New Parenting Model for 2016

Performance accountability for children, what it is, and specifically how to use and builthis high-value tool is just and compassionate parenting. This article outlines the steps.

Being a Sedulous Ape: Good or Bad?

Learning by example, when intentional and directed, underlies true learning that is enduring and meaningful. This short piece is a “how to” discussing motivation and skill development.

“God” in a Pill?

If “God is in the pill,” then the devil must be in the side effects!

The Archeology of Misbehavior

Archeology is the study of human activity in the past. The archeology of misbehavior is studying current behavior to uncover hidden sources. The “ruins” of misdeeds are built upon personality architecture and cultural landscapes.

You Are Your Child’s “First Verb”

"First Verb Parenting" sees parents as a “child’s first verb”---loving action figures giving meaning, direction, guidance, and linking---to children, their attentive subjects.

“Two-ness:” the Mind’s Binary Code

The earliest roots of what is recognized as “envy” in later life emerge from the normal sense of “two-ness.” In Envy Theory, this "two-ness" is the mind's innate binary code: envy’s mode of operating. Modulating “two-ness” early in life decreases emotional dysregulation. From the healthy maturation of envy, admiration, emulation, gratitude, and empathy are born.

A Child is Being Beaten—Ever or Never?

Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) made famous the stark phrase “the banality of evil.” This complex idea connotes colossal destructiveness done by men of less than colossal character. The everyday pervasiveness of senseless cruelty---humankind’s inhumanity toward itself---makes it clear that the inclination of destructiveness is real. Effective parenting is primary prevention.

Discipline, Nurturance, or Living Example: Which Works Best?

Discipline is pointing the way. Living example displays the message in vibrant color---impacting a child even more than words.

Meaningfully Salient Parenting

Meaningfully salient parenting can be spoken about, but it is a deeply heartfelt and intimate engagement between parent and child, mother and father, and all within the family system.

Emotions As a Second Language - Or Should They Be Our First?

Emotional literacy is using one’s feeling states with others. This enhances self-regulation, lessens over-reactivity, and is the basis of empathy and interpersonal modulation.

Envy-Empathy: Gifts Within Human Neurocircuitry

Malignant envy is wild desire, what in Eastern perspectives is believed to be responsible for suffering. When envy is modulated and matured, it empowers life positive impulses facilitating knowing, emulation, learning, admiration, feelings of gratitude, and empathy, that is, understanding, respect, and compassion for self and others.

ENVY: Bane of Existence or Gift of Nature?

The possibility of the healthy maturation of envy, a novel construct in envy theory, affords those dedicated to resolute self-change the possibility of its healthy transformation. This is a potential gift. The experience of “raw envy,” in this way, morphs into more conscious and complex attitudes that include health-promoting admiration and emulation.

Ayurveda: Traditional Indian Medicine—and Envy!

Ayurveda is reputedly thought to be the mother of all medical systems on earth. It allegedly is 6,000 years old and has been practiced continuously to this time. Within the last two decades, Ayurveda has become integrated into American systems of health maintenance and well being.

The High-Reliability Personality---With Notable Values

High-Reliability Organizations denote safety and high performance across the health care spectrum. This begins with self-reflection, assessing personal values, action plans!

Can Parents Eliminate Envy from Child Rearing?

Valuing the goodness of "the milk of human kindness" and not envying or spoiling its beneficence can be challenging.

Melting Envy: the Brilliance of Understanding and Gratitude

Envy is the dark feeling that resounds with bitterness: 'It hurts when I look at you.' The Healthy Maturation of Envy can be a Choice that Illuminates the Admiration and Gratitude Waiting to be Born/Borne.

Ultimate Envy: Envying Oneself!

Envy has long thought to be about envying Others—but it may not be! Ultimate Envy is of the self—a paradox of the human condition.

Envy's "Monkey Business" Constructive or Destructive Design?

The healthy maturation of envy increases perspective-taking, empathy, and cooperation. If not identified, it thwarts cooperation and undermines self, family, and social relations.

Envy, Prejudice, and Self-imposed Slavery

You are "in charge" of yourSelf--if you choose!

Envy and the Midlife Crisis: A Transition Toward Adventure!

The Lifecycle-Envy conception may be an important tool for Midlife self-reflection. Life as a series of transitions is more salutary than experiencing life as crises.

Condescension is Manifest Envy

How rational or irrational are we as human beings? Envy is the mind's default that reflexively triggers discrepancy, conflict, stress, and struggles to manage this dilemma.

Envy and Autumn: Transitions, Infancy, & Older Age

Autumn like envy stimulates change and the opportunity for pause before positively moving on toward new growth.

Aesthetics and Envy

Aesthetics and technology are hallmarks of civilizations. Both enrich life’s transformative and reparative journey. The range of aesthetic pursuits is one way that envy is uncovered. Aesthetics communicates---without words---aspects of one’s sublime unconscious with that of others. Envy transfigures the ugly into the adaptively gracious!

Why War?

War and Envy May Be Inseparable. Is a "Death Instinct," or self and group undermining tendency, Preposterous?

Envy as a Major Source of Anxiety and Discontent

Envy is a tool for self-empowerment.

How Is It Possible to Be Conscious of Unconscious?

In response to the comments about Envy and conscious awareness, the following considerations might shed some light.

Envy Theory: A New Model of the Mind

"Love-envy" literacy is the mind's undeveloped module. Unconscious envy is the primitive sensation of privation, powerlessness, inferiority, and hostile distress. Envy is the urge to rob and spoil in the face of advantages and their enjoyment existing elsewhere. The healthy maturation of envy into admiration and gratitude is envy's potential gift!

Envy This!

Commonly thought of as an emotion, envy may be the most mislabeled attitude that people commonly encounter.