1. Should I chose a coach who specializes in ADHDBecause true ADHD is usually neurological, many ADHDer’s will have ongoing difficulties with ADHD despite a sincere desire to change. Therefore, traditional methods of coaching often will not work with someone who has ADHD!

ADHD coaches specialize in understanding, developing and leveraging the unique strengths and limitations associated with ADHD. Accordingly, they are distinctly qualified to help you become more successful at work (whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur), at school and at home.

2. What is ADHD coaching? It is a specialized type of life or business coaching that uses specialized techniques geared toward working with the unique brain wiring of individuals with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD coaching is not a substitute for traditional treatment for ADHD, such as medication, diet, exercise, and other behavioral therapeutic interventions.

You also might want to consider whether the coach uses a strength-based approach when working with ADHD clients -- that is, do they treat ADHD from a "giftedness" rather than a "deficit" perspective. If you are considering an ADHD business Coach, you might find it beneficial to select one that employs data driven assessment tools that incorporate objective data (from you, direct reports, peers and customers) about your unique ADHD and leadership traits. This way, they can asses your strengths and limitations based on objective data.

3. How will having an ADHD coach impact the rest of your ADHD treatment team? ADHD coaching is a compliment to the treatment you get from your physician(s) and counselor. Your ADHD coach will work in concert with your treatment team to make sure all of your symptoms are being managed effectively. 

4. Is ADHD coaching different from therapy? ADHD Coaching is not psychotherapy. First, it generally doesn't directly focus on a person's past or emotional healing. Rather, ADHD coaching identifies specific actions that will help achieve your life and/or business goals. It is not uncommon to work with a coach while you work with a therapist or counselor. Many ADHD coaches also have backgrounds as therapists or counselors.

5. How does ADHD coaching work? ADHD coaching is a close, ongoing partnership. It is not uncommon for clients work with their coach for six months or longer. Coaches can either meet their clients in person, or by telephone three or four times each month, for 30 to 45 minutes per call.  Coaching sessions cover what's going on in the client's life and/or business -- with emphases on challenges, opportunities, employing strategies for success and incorporating feedback to adjust the strategy if need be.

6. Does telephone coaching really work? The answer to this question is mixed. Yes, telephone coaching works well for most clients with ADHD. Meeting by telephone can be preferable to the logistics associated with traveling to meet in person. In addition, it provides a wider variety of options in selecting coach who specializes in ADHD, as you are not limited by geographical location. However, there are those clients with ADHD that prefer face to face meetings. Alternatively, you can do both, or even video conference. Guess the best answer is there are options.

7. How do I select an ADHD coach?  Most coaches offer a free trial coaching session, while others offer the first two visits at a reduced price. And, others offer webinars or conference calls, and will let you sit in as a visitor.  Use these sessions to find out if you like the coach's style, and if what they are offering complements your situation.

It's a good idea to talk with three or more coaches before making your choice.

When evaluating your choices, listen for clues that the coach understands ADHD and has a solid history of working with it.

In addition to demystifying ADHD, I am excited about how coaching will help you tap into your hidden genius and maximize your success at work, school and home.

About the Author

Shane Perrault, Ph.D.

Shane Perrault, Ph.D., is a psychologist and coach with more than 16 years of experience, and is the Lead Psychologist at Entrepreneurs with ADHD.

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