When the One You Love (or You) Has ADHD?

Relationship TIps, when You or the One You Love has ADHD.

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Tips for Buying Christmas Gifts that Help Transform Attention Deficits into Assets.

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Watching my favorite team (the Buckeyes) come back from being 15 points down, and then win a share of the Big Ten championship by hitting a last second, dagger of a shot, I thought to myself, spring may be the time of year to renew my commitment to my New Year's resolutions—or to make new ones.

Tips for Buying Transformational Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a special time of year. Yes, even Santa knows parenting a child with ADHD requires special attention.

Michelle Obama's Let's Move: Does ADHD Undermine the Fight Against Obesity?

First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign is celebrating its one year anniversary. She has done a wonderful job at drawing attention to the need to encourage more activity amongst our youngsters -- and all Americans.

Could ADHD Be Undercutting First Lady Michelle Obama’s Fight Against Obesity?

First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity strategy might be open to an unexpected counterpunch: ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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ADHDer’s travel on the road to success may be determined more by their ability to "Differentiate" than to "Focus".

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs With ADHD

So, you just found out that you (or an employee) have ADHD, or are ADHDish (that is, you have a few symptoms of ADHD). What do you do now?