Four Things You Need to Know about PTSD

Is someone you know a little different in a way you can’t quite put your finger on, or perhaps a lot different in ways you find frightening or dangerous?

Four Ways Spirituality Can Help You Cope with Difficulty

From our earliest days humanity has searched for a deeper meaning to existence, especially in the face of unbearable conditions and experiences.

Stop, It Hurts! Three Reasons to Avoid Prescription Meds

If you are considering seeing your doctor about prescription pain medication to treat your chronic pain, here are three things to consider before filling your prescription.

High at the Office: Four Things You Should Know

As an employer, it is in your company’s and employees’ best interest to help them find appropriate treatment.

Recovering From Opioid Addiction: Addressing the Brain

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) now estimates that as many as 2.5 million Americans are addicted to either heroin, prescription pain killers, or some combination of the

Parents, Be Wary of “Innocent” Drug Experimentation

This is not the first time a young person has died from taking a substance that was misrepresented.

Four Reasons Your Child Probably Doesn’t Need ADHD Meds

There’s no question that parents want the best for their children, but medicating your child from an early age may cause more harm than help, and you will all benefit from getting

Drink to Your Misfortune: 4 Reasons to Avoid Kratom

While we encourage researchers to explore the potential medicinal effects the drug may have so that it can be used properly, in a clinical setting, kratom should not remain unregul

Reflections on the New Year: 2016 as a Time of Hope

Generally, I am asked to comment before New Year’s Eve, to tell you all the things about going out to celebrate that you already know.

3 Reasons Addiction Treatment Researchers Should Look at LSD

There is still much for us to learn about entheogens as a treatment option for various mental health issues, including depression and addiction.

How to Spot Depression in Children

Left untreated, teenage depression can lead to problems at home and school, drug abuse, self-loathing, homicidal violence or suicide.

How to Survive Your Office Holiday Party

Remember, it is a work activity. There are very, very, VERY few jobs where it is ever socially acceptable to be drunk.

4 Things You Should Know about the Changing Face of Heroin

While there are certain demographic groups statistically at a higher risk for heroin abuse, an implicit conclusion from the CDC’s study is clear: now more than ever, anyone can bec

Learning from Scott Weiland’s Death

The best way close family members and friends can encourage someone in recovery is to learn more about their addiction and any physical or psychological disorders.

4 Ways to Be There for Someone Recovering from Addiction

Be patient. All paths to recovery take time, and each person’s recovery will look different.

Coping with Traumatic Events without Turning to Substances

Be tolerant. People react in different ways to disasters and traumatic events. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to think, feel, or respond.

The Elderly and Substance Abuse During the Holidays

Older adults are more likely to drink or use drugs at home, privately rather than in public.

Three Ways to Manage Worry This Thanksgiving

Whatever the reason, millions of us have to deal with worry during the holidays. Here are three easy things ways to manage your worries.

Six Ways to Maintain Your Sobriety at Thanksgiving

Here are some helpful tips for having a happy Thanksgiving celebration while remaining drug/alcohol free.

Signs of Overdependence on the Internet and Social Media

The Internet provides a constant, ever-changing source of information and entertainment.

Truth about HIV Transmission among Addicts and Alcoholics

I should be desensitized to this by now, witnessing firsthand the wreckage that comes with drug addiction and alcoholism, but I’m not. I wish I was, but I am not.

Suboxone and Methadone Maintenance Therapy

As a father, my heart belongs to my children. As the owner of an addiction treatment center, my thoughts are with my clients and how to help them return to their families

The Dangers of Opioid-Replacement Therapies

Life on opioids is a cruel existence in which drug seeking, withdrawal sickness, and the constant specter of overdose are ever present.

Seven Warning Signs of Serious Alcohol Dependency

Eventually, if you keep up these behaviors, you will develop noticeable mental and physical changes indicating that you need to consider finding professional help.

How to Address Using Adderall and Ritalin as Study Aids

It is estimated that about a quarter of college students use Adderall or Ritalin as study aids in college.

Five Things to Know About Recovery From Alcohol or Drugs

Do not give up; there is always hope.

Six Things Not to Ask or Say to Someone in Recovery

The words you use hold power, the power to encourage or send someone right off the wagon. To someone who is recovering from an addiction your acceptance and support is important, but so is respect for their feelings and their struggle with the newness of recovery.

Five Simple Steps to Start Learning Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the intentional focus of your attention on your thoughts and feelings, observing the moment with a non-judgmental attitude.

Four Reasons to Consider Making a Psychotherapy Appointment

Psychotherapy aims at helping an individual with issues related to mental health, interpersonal communication, and problematic behaviors, make positive life changes. The main objective is to help relieve symptoms and resolve underlying concerns by having directed conversations focused on increasing self-awareness and improving psychological and relational well-being.

How to Identify Someone at Risk for Suicide

The most important thing to remember is that while you have no control over what an individual ultimately decides, your calm and concern can save their life.