What You Should Know Before Filling Your Prescription

If you are thinking of getting a prescription to help control your anxiety, consider other tools or skills you could develop to help alleviate your suffering.

Medical Treatment Shouldn’t Limit Second Amendment Rights

There is a complication to marijuana legalization: Handgun ownership privileges are denied to those who use marijuana.

Obstacles & Opportunities for Trump’s Fight Against Opioids

Here’s what President Trump’s strategy to end opioid addiction could look like and the obstacles he’ll face along the way.

Trump Is Backpedalling on Obamacare

One thing Trump voters say they love about him is his propensity to “tell it like it is.”

Why DEA Should Change Marijuana's Schedule I Classification

It is time for the DEA to take marijuana out of its Schedule I classification.

The Good and Bad of Opioid Prescription Limits

The benefits and the shortcomings of state-based opioid prescription limits.

How Can Doctors End the Opioid Epidemic?

But are doctors really empowered to end the opioid addiction crisis, or are we setting them up for failure?

Legalizing Marijuana

In addition to choosing a president this November 8th, nine states have marijuana legalization on the ballot this election day.

Vote Yes for Medical or Recreational Marijuana Legalization

We have to think about patient choice as well as public health and safety when deciding what to do about marijuana legalization.

Pharmaceutical Lobbyists Are Fighting Pricing Regulations

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), has long been one of the biggest and most powerful lobbies in Washington.

How Our Next President Could Fight the Opioid Epidemic

In this election cycle, ending the opioid epidemic comes down to technique.

How and Why You Should Keep Your Temper in Check

At the end of the day we are human, not perfect, and it is okay to make mistakes so long as we learn from them and try to do better.

Kratom Needs to Be Researched Before It’s a Schedule 1 Drug

Let’s limit the access children have to the drug and engage in serious research so that we know exactly what we’re looking at.

The DEA is Lowering Opioid Production in the U.S

The DEA’s decision to limit the amount of opioid painkillers produced in the United States is a prudent step.

Legalizing Marijuana in California

If you treat young people with respect and give them good information, the likelihood is greater that they will make healthy choices.

Here’s How the High Holidays Can Support Your Recovery

If you think seeing your family all together will prompt you to use, give yourself a pass from the occasion guilt-free.

The Case for Including Mental Health Care in the Workplace

You shouldn’t take for granted that your workplace positively contributes to your employees’ mental health.

How Will You Handle Loss?

Your best defense against grief will never be your ability to plan around and corral it.

How the Words You Use Can Decrease Anxiety

A healthy concern for your well-being can make you more likely to anticipate and effectively head-off possible threats.

Understanding and Choosing Better Coping Skills

When it comes to better understanding and treating addiction, we can learn a lot by looking at a person’s coping mechanisms.

Here’s Why Your Brain Makes Quitting Drugs/Alcohol So Hard

There’s little more tempting than a quick and easy solution to our problems.

How Drum Circles Can Improve, if Not Cure, Your Depression

Have you ever wondered how people used to treat depression before prescription medications were invented?

How Exercise Can Help Keep You Drug-Free

Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle and stimulates your body’s healthiest mechanisms by releasing feel-good endorphins, stimulating appetite and leading to more restful sleep

Here’s How Marijuana Use Is Changing

It’s not hard to see how some parts of American culture are light years ahead of where they were just a few decades ago.

How the Government Is Fighting Against the Opioid Epidemic

One of the federal government’s important roles is to take on our county’s most pressing issues and respond with solutions on a national scale.

Here’s How Creative Arts Can Diminish Stress

While there’s no way for you to avoid stress entirely, you can use it to your advantage and harness its energy to create meaningful artistic expressions.

As Research Advances, Treatment for Depression Gets Better

If an individual is open to trying a wide variety of treatments, a new life is more than possible for those held down by depression. There is something that can be done.

Texas Just Made Naloxone Available Over the Counter

If you don’t live in the Lone Star state, you may have missed some big news about opioid overdose prevention happening now.

3 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

It’s easy to wake up one day to find yourself in a rut, when your life’s momentum has stalled and you’re not sure what will come next.

Four Reasons to Be Wary of Supplements

Supplements can be beneficial if they are quality products that are prescribed by those who are trained in their proper use.