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Why Does Therapy Work?

If psychotherapy's not about venting or life coaching, what makes it work?

Bridging Relationship Distress

Is it possible to cut each other free from the conflict?

Our Children's Unique Power to Make Us Suffer

Even when they become adults, it's difficult to maintain emotional boundaries with our kids.

Should We Hide Our Feelings from Our Kids?

Research suggests that suppressing negative emotions, as well as exaggerating positive feelings, can have a negative impact on our relationships with our kids.

Why Some Breakups Are More Painful Than Others

Research suggests that maintaining a fluid self-concept, retaining a sense of separateness, and externalizing rejection may mitigate the devastating effects of breaking up.

Reinventing Yourself

Rather than planning to change specific behaviors this new year, you might aim to change the rigid ways you think about yourself.

Forgiving Your Partner Is as Good for You as It Is for Them

New research suggests that withholding forgiveness may be self-destructive.

Unspeakable Grief

Losing someone we love can call into question our very sense of purpose and value and meaning.

How to Fight Better

Recent research suggests that how you start a fight is more important than how you end it.

Dark Thoughts Could be a Sign of Healthy Functioning

Healthier people can tolerate more subjective distress.

Should We Talk About Religion in Therapy?

Although therapists recognize the importance of talking about religion, they're still uncomfortable inviting spirituality into the room.

Venting Your Feelings Isn't Enough

Research suggests that venting might make you angrier, but a process called pendulation might actually decrease angry feelings.

The Rocky Transition to Parenthood

Unrealistic expectations fuel our difficulties in the early days of parenthood.

Staying Connected in Long-Term Relationships

In order to hold on to each other, you must first learn how to hold onto yourself.

Teenagers Are From Earth

Our black-and-white thinking about adolescence is getting in our way.

Praising Kids for Unimpressive Accomplishments

Overvaluing your kids accomplishments may result in self-centeredness and low achievement.

Reading Your Partner Better Can Change the Way You Fight

Interpreting anger and withdrawal as protests against disconnection can improve how your relate to your partner.

Being in The Midst of Life

The holidays highlight our difficulty in truly engaging with others.

The Biggest Problem With Parenting Advice

Parenting advice tends to encourage parents to take too much or too little control. How can parents find their balance amidst these contradictory messages?

Why People Cut

Cutting may be more of an attempt at self-soothing than self-harming.

The Problem with Time-Outs

New research shows that time-outs may actually dysregulate children and negatively impact their brains. Is it time to abandon this practice?

Staying Engaged When You're Maxed Out

When you're depressed or overwhelmed, it's best to avoid the pull toward inactivity.

Addicted to Love

Brain research suggests that early love can function like a destructive addiction, but it's benefit must be balanced against its threat.

What’s Wrong With Being Cool

Self-doubt, adolescent angst, and even social awkwardness may pay off In adulthood.

Why the Way You Fight Can Threaten Your Relationship

Research suggests that it may be better to fight than to give your partner the silent treatment.

Aging Gracefully

What can high school reunions and research teach us about aging well?

What's the Value of Smoking?

Does smoking help us cope with stress?

Is Facebook Distorting Your View of the World?

Many of us are compulsive about checking Facebook but feel bored or irritated when we do.

What's Good About Feeling Bad?

Pushing past grief is not the same thing as moving through it.

Should We Live Together?

Does living together before marriage increase your likelihood of divorce?