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How a Parent's Darkness Can Light the Child's Way

Are you having difficulty understanding your young adult's struggles? Some thoughtful reflection may result in better understanding, both of your child and yourself.
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How Does It Feel? Finding Freedom In and From Our Family

Thoughts on grief and growth upon my father's passing

How You Might be Enabling Your Adult Child's Inertness

Does your young adult seem unwilling to overcome obstacles? Perhaps your generosity is getting in the way.
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What Parents Have Trouble Admitting About College Admissions

Are you becoming overly preoccupied with your high school senior's college plans? Paying close attention to the underlying issues may help you and your child survive and thrive.
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Getting Unstuck

Which is more important to your young adult child—making you proud or keeping you worried? You and your child might be surprised by the answer.

Bottom of the Ninth

What happens when we make the time to think about time?