Fighting Talk

Spectators to conflict are never neutral: how biased reports evolve over time to escalate conflict – independent of the conflict itself.

Empathy in Old-Age: Less Heat and More Light

As we get older, we become more discerning about how we spend our empathic energy.


Would women in developed countries have more children if they had robots to help them take care of them?

Imitation: Not the Sincerest Form of Empathy

Does empathy develop from emotional contagion – catching an emotion from someone else? Aren't you more likely to empathize with someone when you can feel as they are feeling? Well, not necessarily.

‘Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?’

The right song lyrics or briefest message on the check can make us tip waiting staff more generously.

Open Wide

The helping profession that has people squirming and begging for mercy.

He Ain't Heavy...or Is He?

There’s a common belief that having siblings promotes the development of empathy—but is it that simple?

Send in Haste, Repent at Leisure

The responsible use of social media needs to be taught at school because it is changing the way children’s empathy and social skills develop.

Hoarding and Empathy

The emotional attachment of a hoarder to their stuff could stem from an excess of empathy. As if stuff had feelings that could be hurt.

Summertime Sadness

If you really must ruminate—do it in the sunshine but keep busy in bad weather.

War Games: What Are They Good For?

“Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock and roll.” Shigeru Myamoto. Just what is the link between violent video games and bad behavior?

Thy Fearful Symmetry

Could a link between facial symmetry and anti-social traits be an echo from the dark side of human history?

A Brit, an American and a Mexican Went into a Bar…

Perspective-taking means putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. It helps us to understand other people and it undermines the way we create and maintain stereotypes.

Doctor, Doctor: Can You Feel My Pain?

Compassion fatigue is turning doctors away from primary care.

Developing Empathy: Don't Take Away the Music

Encouraging children to make music teaches them more than a valuable creative skill—it makes them nicer to each other.