Marriage Is a Heart-Healthy Way of Life

A new study at Emory University, recently published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, has found that married adults who’ve undergone heart surgery have a 300 percent higher survival rate than their single counterparts over the first three months, which is a critical time.

10 Things to Remember About Dating as an Adult

Some of your friends are telling you that it’s time to get back out there again, and all you can think of are the disastrous dates you’ve been on since you were newly single. These tips can save you from kissing too many frogs before you find your prince or princess.

Getting To Know Someone Is a Life-Long Process

Mark Twain said that “Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.”

The Best Ways to Deal with People Who Hurt You

No matter what your position in life, reality star, politician, or one of us normal people, the actions of others can sometimes hurt you.

Top 10 Tips for a Better Life

Those little things that we’ve been told all our lives wander into the deeper recesses of our minds, and we sometimes only remember them when it’s too late. Here are a few reminders that should make your life easier.

Commitment and Members of the Opposite Sex

Once one is involved in a committed relationship, the complexities of friendships with members of the opposite (or same) sex can be a delicate area. In order to eliminate even the possibility of problems here are some ideas to help you both feel more protected.

How Being Thoughtful To Your Partner Can Change Everything

I have worked with numerous couples who could be in a great relationship, except they both have forgotten to be thoughtful to one another, and the resentment has built to the point where therapy is no longer a choice but a necessity.

The Lessons of Real Love

Some couples find that, while it can be deceptively easy to get their relationships back on track after a normal disagreement, it’s much harder to keep it moving in that direction, especially when unexpected events derail us.

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Everyone has frightening or anxious moments. This particular feeling can be detrimental to you because it may stop you from living a normal life.

Why Intimacy Makes Us Feel Vulnerable

Intimacy, by its very nature, requires us to be vulnerable. Our partner, lover, or mate can know us to our very core, sometimes better than we know ourselves, and that can make any of us feel totally exposed.

Wonderful Quotes From Mothers About Their Day

Contrary to the urban myth, Mother’s Day was not invented by a greeting card company. Its history can be traced back to the 1600's, which makes it almost as old as guilt.

10 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship

A relationship cannot survive on its own. It needs the care and nurturing of two adults, giving to each other in a way that creates a mutually beneficial connection.

10 Simple Ways to Find Happiness

Happiness and fulfillment are within your grasp, but sometimes just out of reach. Understanding what works best for you is the first step in finding more of them.

10 Tools That Will Unlock Your Potential

The world is full of opportunity, but sometimes too much thinking can get in the way. Here are a few tips to help you change your life for the better.

Some Ideas to Make Valentine's Day Extra Special

Valentine's Day was a humble day of remembrance until it was made a holiday. It wasn't by some mystical event or act of Congress—the holiday part of 2/14 was created by a greeting card company. But for those who bask in this day of love, it doesn't matter. What counts is that romance comes their way.

10 Tips - If You're Gonna Fight, Do It Right!

Research has shown that couples who argue disrespectfully more than twenty percent of the time are probably not going to survive. Hopefully these tips will help you get your arguments under control and reduce the level of energy in those arguments. If not, and if you want to keep your relationship, you need to find a qualified couple's therapist.

Cheap Shots at Your Partner Are Emotionally Expensive

It just happens. You don't think about it. You saw an opening and took a shot; you just had to get it out of your system. But you never considered the collateral damage.

10 Tools to Get Closer with the One You Love

Emotional support comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Having the desire and ability to be giving to your partner is far more important than doing it exactly right. Here are some tips to help you nourish each other's hearts.