New Year’s Breakups

The month of January has been dubbed by some as “National Breakup Month” because it’s the time of year when most divorces are filed. People want to avoid upsetting their families during the holiday season, but the second life gets back to normal (whatever that is), all bets are off, and in some cases, so are the gloves.

That Which Does Not Kill You... May Give You PTSD

It was Nietzsche who said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” But in reality, something that does not kill us can leave us seriously traumatized. When you go through a life-shattering experience, a very scary or tragic event, it can leave you with serious depression or anxiety issues—or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When You Are Feeling All Alone

Life is about balance, and it is important that we learn to take care of ourselves and of each other. When you are done with your reading, pick up the phone and call a friend or a relative and make some plans to get together. You and the person you reach will both be better for it.

Tips for Living with a Depressed Person

Fortunately, most depressions do end, but some take more time than others, and it takes a lot of grit to get through a year with a partner who is in the grips of this sometimes debilitating disease.

Happiness Comes From Moving Toward Your Goals

We tend to give ourselves more grief than anyone else does. Some people may believe that beating themselves up will help them achieve their goals, but I wonder if they are actually enjoying the journey or trying too hard to get to the end.

When Things Get Really Bad

When your mind is filled with thoughts that scare you or make you sad, it can be harder to figure your way out of a problem, but it’s important to avoid denial and to deal with the issue head-on. Getting out in front of a problem is one of the best ways to make it go away. Remember that being proactive is often the best approach.

Putting Some FUN Into dysFUNctional

Most dysfunction is temporary. Dealing with one thing at a time, as well as learning to get in front of your difficulties, helps. For example, if you know that your partner is crabby at the end of the day, allow him or her some time after coming home to unwind. Simple acts like that can make a big difference in relationships and maybe even put an end to the pattern.

Seven Things On My Gratitude List for This Year

Someone once said that one of the greatest gifts was an unanswered prayer. If you are questioning your self-worth and what your purpose on the planet is, make this a season of not only gratitude but also self-rediscovery. The passage of time and a little thought can change many things. There’s a saying that fits here: “Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle happens.

Seven Signs That You Are Healing Emotionally

As you continue to heal, you will also grow as a person and your relationships will deepen. One can get used to feeling down. Don’t let that happen to you, but hold fast to the positive events and changes that you feel as you become more empowered.

Does Getting Older Make You Pickier?

Life has a lot to offer. Whether you allow yourself to experiment with new things or you choose to complain about how nothing ever changes—or that there aren’t any “good ones” out there—is up to you. It’s perfectly okay to be picky. Just make sure you pick something to get involved in, and don’t let life pass you by.

When Your Relationship Becomes a Power Struggle

You each need to have input and to take in what is needed by your partner. If you are unable to find this balance, it will affect your intimacy, and your relationship will become a power struggle instead of a safe harbor.

Honesty Can Make or Break a Relationship

Honesty is a way of life, not just a behavior. Keeping it paramount in your relationship will bring in more good and keep the bad stuff at bay. Knowing you can totally trust one another brings a type of freedom and comfort that helps your relationship work in the best way possible.

When Your Heart Hits the Wall

If you don’t want to put yourself out there again, don’t think that this makes you a loser. If you’ve made a conscious choice to stay away from dating and mating, then so be it. If your friends try to fix you up, say “no thanks.” Stay off of dating web sites, and do things for yourself that you might not be able to do in a relationship, like pampering yourself.

10 Ways to Make YOUR Life Better

If you are just sitting around and letting the world pass you by, it’s time to get up and start moving. Getting the most out of life is a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and making it happen.

Keys to Dealing with Entitlement Issues

We all want things. But some people feel they are entitled to whatever it is they want, and they feel they deserve it all now. That can make for very difficult relationships, a lot of disappointment, and never receiving what is most important in life.

Emotionally Supporting Your Partner

I cannot overstate the value of having someone in your corner when you are dealing with a difficulty. Trying to take on the world, your boss, or a lawyer can drain all your strength. Having that person there, who has your back, can make all the difference in the world.

5 Ways to Argue Appropriately

Disagreements are a part of communication and a part of life. Acknowledging that it’s okay for each other to express differing opinions—rather than expecting each other to always feel the same way—is a sign of a mature and nurturing relationship. In the long run, differences can make for more interesting and intimate conversation.

7 Questions That Can Strengthen Your Relationship

When we get caught up in daily activities, even couples with excellent communication skills can forget to ask our partner what he or she needs or wants. If you get good at asking the right questions, your relationship will be better for it.

12 Ways to Prevent Relationship Breakdowns

You have the knowledge and experience to build the skills necessary for a secure and comfortable existence. It starts with a mutual desire to end the bickering and to communicate.

Interdependence - Finding Balance & Harmony in Love

People can live in unbalanced relationships for a lifetime. What they don’t see is that by making some simple realizations and changes about the way you relate to your partner, you can change your entire life for the better.

Avoiding the Biggest Dating Mistakes II

Dating, relating, and mating can be a challenge in modern times. You can avoid some painful mistakes if you apply a little common sense and refuse to settle for less than you deserve.

Commitment, Communication and Connection

Learning how to identify your filters and working to keep your conversations as clear as possible will never fail you. No matter how difficult the subject matter, dedicate yourselves to talking it through. At the very least, you will give your relationship the best tool possible: good communication.

Make Sex More Intimate

Sex is obviously a large portion of intimacy, but it is only one part. Kissing or tightly holding one another are also very important in the intimacy quotient. I always suggest that couples share a ten-second hug and kiss when they see each other at the end of the day.

What Love Gives You

Most of us have had a bad relationship or two, maybe twenty-two. It’s natural to crave companionship when you’re alone, but it’s also natural to be a little gun-shy if you’ve been in relationships that didn’t work out. If you are feeling reluctant to find love again, here are a few reasons why I believe it’s worth the effort.

Making Up - The Right Way

After an argument, most couples have some difficulty making up and getting back to normal (whatever that is). Both parties want to feel that things are resolved, but when hurt feelings have been bouncing around your hearts, it can be problematic.

Toxic Relationships

I have watched people deteriorate physically after being in an unhealthy relationship for too long. Negative people can suck the life right out of you, which is why they are sometimes called “emotional vampires.”

10 Ways to Get Happier - NOW!

Everyone deals with anxiety and depression in some way at some point in their lives. Many therapists agree that depression can look just like anxiety, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what is making you feel uncomfortable. Even though depression and anxiety affect people differently, there are some things you can do that will benefit you if you suffer from either.

Having a Positive Relationship

Being positive and allowing that feeling to flow through your relationship is a wonderful way to go through life with the one you love. You can make the choice to be a positive couple and enjoy the happiness that comes with it.

10 Ways to Create More Love in Your Relationship

Expressing your love shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. It should be a constant in your relationship—and that means doing more than just repeating the “three little words.” Here are some tips to get you started.

Dating, Mating, and Relating Online

There are so many people online these days, you may find this process a lot easier than you’d think. Remember not to be overly concerned about looks. Very few of us resemble movie stars. A kind and loving person with whom you share similar interests and values is far more desirable than a pretty face or hard body.