When you know you can count on those you love, those who are on your team, and perhaps most importantly yourself, you have the tools you need to get through a rough patch or create something new and wonderful in your life.

Trying to do it alone in the world today isn’t impossible, it will just take you a very, very long time. Having someone to depend on makes your life easier and you also get the confidence that comes from knowing that you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

If you are a dependable person, taking pride in that fact only makes you more reliable and confident because you like the energy you’re experiencing. It trickles into your brain and helps you to feel good about yourself, the task you are working on and the people you are helping or those who are assisting you. It all becomes a positive force. When a group of people work well together on a project there is an esprit de corps that develops, and you all get to share in good vibes.

Being the dependable one isn’t boring, in fact over time it will make you more desirable. As we mature, we tire of being let down or of people who are flakes. You can win the heart of your true love or climb the ladder of success if people know they can depend on you. And when you truly realize that you can depend on yourself, then there isn’t a river you can’t cross or a problem you can’t think your way out of. Confidence comes from knowing that you, or the person you need, will be there—period.

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