Spring Back to Life

I like fresh starts, and I’ll use whatever is around me to make them easier. We all reinvent our lives from time to time. If you've done it before you can do it again.

The 10 Best Ways To Get Your Way

If you get everything you want in a relationship, your partner could be left with very little, and that imbalance can create problems. These tips will help you both.

10 Ways to Find More Happiness

Happiness can be as confounding as Indiana Jones looking for lost treasure. Just when you think you have a clue, some giant boulder comes rolling toward you.

How To Hang In There When Times Get Tough

I know that the pain of life—relationship breakups, job loss, the loss of loved ones, and other traumas—can set you back for quite a while. Living in your pain is not really living

How to Maintain Your Emotional Boundaries

Holding good emotional boundaries is as much about checking in with yourself as it is about learning to stand firm with other people.

Be Responsible For Your Relationships

We are 100 percent responsible for our relationships. We create them in our minds and hearts, and we have a hand in the twists and turns they take.

Ten Ways to Heal Your Attachment Issues

It’s never too late to have a close relationship with someone you love. If you had a connection before, you can have it again.

10 Deeper Ways to Show Your Love

Valentine's day is all about giving to your partner from the heart rather than your wallet. Take the risk of opening up and sharing your feelings.

How To Deal With Emotional Triggers

Sometimes old memories trigger deep emotional feelings.

Some Thoughts on Coming in Second

Years ago, the Avis rental car company used the slogan, “We’re number two. We try harder!” Please don’t take it personally if you don’t get your first choice or win your event.

Love Is Not a Cockroach

The problem is that most of the time people do not do the work necessary to keep their intimate relationships thriving.

Some Reasons to Matter

It’s also okay to get something out of the giving you are doing, and you will. Giving of yourself will bring new people into your life.

The Truths and Gifts of Giving

The holidays are not about what you get or even what you do. They are about what you give. With that in mind, here some ways to make this special time even more wonderful.

Talking to Your BFF About Your Relationship Troubles

If you need to talk to someone, I highly recommend that you choose someone who can see the whole relationship, not just your side of it.

The Attitude of Gratitude

I do my best to maintain an attitude of gratitude as much as possible throughout the year, and sometimes it isn't easy.

Does Age Make You Pickier When Finding a Partner?

It’s perfectly okay to be picky. Just make sure you pick something to get involved in, and don’t let life pass you by.

It's All About Relationships

In the past, I have often put my work first, and I hope you won’t make that same mistake. Work and money come and go, but our relationships help us stay emotionally balanced.

10 Tips: Is Your Relationship Baggage Carry-on or Cargo?

Letting go of useless baggage will make your journey through coupledom a first class adventure. You'll find that a great relationship is the best trip you've ever taken.

Keeping Life in Perspective

I want a low-stress life, and I want to live as fully as possible. I know that keeping things in perspective is a far better way of going on with this (mostly) wonderful journey.

10 Ways to Get Along Better With the People You Already Love

Getting along with the people you care for is usually easy, but every now and then we all hit bumps. Use these tips to smooth things out on the road of life.

Ten Tips for Happiness

Happiness can be hard to feel at times, so don’t think there is something wrong with you if you don’t feel it.

10 Ways to Change Hurtful Habits

Once you discover (or are confronted with) something you do that hurts the one you love, you will want to change that habit. Here are 10 ways to help you do so.

5 Questions That Could Change Your Life

When you learn how to ask yourself the right questions, you immediately become empowered.

Sadness Is Different From Depression

Sadness is different from depression, but it can be hard to tell them apart when you are in the middle of a very sad time in your life.

8 Keys to a Maintaining a Loving Relationship

Put these eight simple tools to work to improve your love life.

10 Reasons to Keep Moving Forward

Don’t let life throw you offtrack. Take the time you need to refocus and gain some clarity. You will be well prepared for your next adventure.

10 Cues to Deal with Summertime Blues

Here are a few ideas to make the summer go smoothly, but like most good things in life, they require taking some action.

Dr. G's 10 Rules to Love By

All couples go through all kinds of ups and downs. As long as we are learning, then we have the ability to keep our relationships moving forward.

Summer Is the Most Depressing Time of the Year

Taking your own life because you hurt inside isn’t a good enough reason, because help can almost always be found.

10 Ways to Avoid Emotional Fireworks

When someone gets their knickers in a twist and blows up, how do you handle it? If your current way of dealing with emotional fireworks isn’t working, here are ten tips to help you