Homelessness Awareness

The stories we tell about money (lacking it or having abundance) are important, and so is increasing our awareness.

Taking Emotional and Financial Risks

Selling a small business brings up unexpected emotions and big questions.

Tax Time Drama and Relief

Money is full of drama. But tax season is a collective drama—trauma, for some—where we are all simultaneously taking an accounting of money in our lives.

What Gifts Open Your Heart?

What gifts open your heart - a meal prepared by a friend, a smile from a stranger, a hot shower?

Money Can Feed Your Heart and Soul As Well As Your Belly

Take off your blindfolds about money and discover if how you spend money is in sync with what you value in the world.

Seed Money

The dark time of the year is the time to plant seeds in our psyches--including seed money.

Even Throwing Away Money Can Offer Insights

I was surprised by how strong a reaction I had to finding a five-dollar bill in my recycling. Throwing away money, no matter how small an amount, feels sacreligious. But like all emotional shocks and challenges, it offered valuable insight.

Social Class and Bread

Bread and dough are slang for money and those who support their households are called breadwinners. In ancient Rome the shade of ones bread indicated their social status.

How to Break "Bad" Money Habits

Tax season is the time when money is most on our minds, and a good time to make improvements in our relationship with money. There are some simple steps to follow to change our ways with money, familiar steps that we use when we want to change other behaviors.

A Life-affirming Investment

Subtle shifts in our inner relationship with money can bring profound changes in our lives.

I Wondered If He Still Knew What Money Was

Sometimes giving money is the means of a human exchange.

The Garden Provides More Than Food

In my personal economics, my vegetable garden provides much more than food.