Am I Done With My Personal Work?

Am I Done With My Personal Work?

It would have been easy to throw up my hands and walk away, to cry out, “This?! Again?! I thought I was done with it years ago!”

We Are All Lance Armstrong

Whenever we choose not to feel a painful emotion, our lives then become run by that choice.

Beyond Gratitude: What Love Needs From Us This Thanksgiving

Gratitude, it's said, is the greatest gift. It opens the heart like nothing else. Yet what is an open heart called to do? How is it meant to live in the world of stress and crisis that ever more presses in upon us?

A Revolution in Healing: Introducing "The Communer"

"What if there were a caring acquaintance right beside you during your times of greatest emotional challenge or crisis? Someone you didn't have to make an appointment to see? If that person were a silent support, a resonating presence, and also available to listen and reflect what came up for you moment by moment, would it make a difference?"

The Truth About Anxiety

Truth is, anxiety is not an emotion. It's a particularly visceral form of emotional resistance. Even though anxiety itself can seem intolerable, our primitive brains deem it less threatening than the core emotion that triggers it in the first place.

Are You a Frog in Boiling Water?

For many of us, the stress of daily life has reached the breaking point. Is there a way out?

White House Emotional Intelligence Rating: 0

That's how they feel, Mr. President. Are you listening? The more you ignore the emotional aspect of your presidency, the more those emotions will do you in. 

Obama and the Bunny Planet

I hesitated to write about President Obama's war speech on PT, but then failure of imagination is a life-threatening psychological condition.

Our Economic Crisis Is An Emotional Problem

At such a crucial time in our nation's history, it seems relevant to ask: If America were a person, with its recent cycles of destructive boom and bust, and its almost slavish dependence upon consumption, what kind of person would the country be? The answer, inescapably, is an addict.    

5 Valentine Gifts That Will Change Your Relationship Forever

 What happens between the two us when there's no agenda or need? What feelings and sensations arise when we're not even trying to please one another? What happens when we keep saying "Yes!" to everything, and just follow the flow?

Inaugurate Yourself!

 If you want to do your part, and help us come together as a nation, follow these steps.

Unleashing the Power of Emotional Connection

Whenever you're not willing to feel an emotion, your choices and behaviors stem from your avoidance of that emotion. Your resistance then runs your life, and is directly contrary to your overall best interest.