Gimme Shelter

West Virgina and California courts rule that Shelters are
 biased against Men

Sibling Rivalry ≠ Sibling Abuse: Parents Beware!

Sibling abuse can be more damaging than you might think...

Domestic Violence in Our Lives

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this blog entry is an invitation to anyone and everyone who has ever been touched by intimate partner abuse - whether as a victim and/or abuser, as a child or an adult, as a sibling or a friend - to share your stories, your questions, and your desire to find ways of understanding what happened.

It Takes a Circle to Heal: Innovations in Treatment of Intimate Partner Violence

In an unexpected turn in the health care debate, Michelle Obama recently drew attention to the fact that in four states, it is still legal to deny a woman health insurance coverage because she's been a victim of domestic violence. "This current situation is unacceptable," Obama said about the gender disparities in the system, "no one in this country should be treated that way. It's not fair. It's not right."