Should We Focus on a Women’s Weight During Pregnancy?

The irony of weight-focused care is that the more preoccupied we become with trying to control our weight, the more out-of-control it often becomes.

The Hidden Faces of Eating Disorders

Research indicates that people at higher weights—fat people—are at increased risk for eating disorders. But their symptoms often go unnoticed.

Why I'm Resolving NOT To Diet This Year

Weight loss is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions. This year, I'm resolving NOT to diet. Here are 4 reasons why. I hope you'll join me in making 2017 a diet-free year.

Is Weight Loss Surgery a Good Treatment for Binge Eating?

For many who struggle with binge-eating disorder (BED) and "obesity," weight loss surgery may seem like a cure. But is it really the utopia patients hope for?

3 Tips for Managing Post-Election Emotions

Are you struggling with your emotions in the wake of the presidential election? Here are 3 tips to help you cope.

Coping With Difficult Emotions Post-Election

Regardless of your political affiliation, this election season has affected all of us. Learn how to cope with your difficult emotions and make the first step towards moving forward

Why Donald Trump Needs to Stop Fat-Shaming

Over 80 million people watched as Trump used the presidential debate as platform for fat-shaming. Could his messages be increasing the rates of eating disorders in our children?

No More Diets... and Other AAP Recommendations

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics warn against dieting and other weight-focused interventions.

Has Obesity Prevention Led to a New Epidemic?

Are eating disorders the collateral damage in our war against obesity?

The Danger of Talking to Children About Weight

How our misguided quest for health and wellness in our children may be causing harm, and what to do about it.

Are Doctors Prescribing Bulimia as a Weight-Loss Tool?

AspireAssist, a device newly approved by the FDA, shows us just how far we are willing to go in our quest for weight loss.

How Healthcare is Harming Our Health

We trust our doctors to care for our health. But doctors are giving this dangerous prescription leading to one of the greatest health crises of our time.

Why Your Diet Is Making You Fat, and 3 Solutions

New research suggests that our biology fights back after weight loss. Learn what you can do to start working with your body instead of fighting against it.

5 Things You Need to Know About How Your Weight Works

Feeling stuck in a dieting rut? The solution to your weight woes may be very different than you think.

Gender Identity and Eating Disorders

New research indicates that transgendered individuals are at heightened risk for eating disorders.

Are Elite Athletics a Breeding Ground for Eating Disorders?

Are elite athletics a paradigm of health or a breeding ground for eating disorders? A new study explores the impact of eating disorders in adolescent elite athletes.

Why NOT to Diet in 2016

I'm resolving to make 2016 a diet-free year. I hope you'll join me.

Inside Every Overweight Woman...

We are told that every overweight woman is just waiting for a better self to emerge. But what about loving yourself, at your current weight, now?

Step Away From The Scale (and Never Go Back On)

In our culture where thinner is always better, the scale doesn't just tell us what we weigh. It has become a measure of our self-worth.

5 Tips to Manage Your Eating Around the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of stress and turmoil, especially when it comes to our eating. In the sea of holiday food chaos, let mindful eating be your guide to a balanced and nurturing relationship with food and your body.

Do people replace food with sex?

Subway's Jared Fogel argued that his diet made him engage in sex acts with minors. Can dieting really lead to compulsive sexual behaviors?

Is Anorexia a Choice?

New brain-imaging research sheds light on the question of how people struggling with eating disorders make decisions around food.

Are Healthy Living Blogs Really Healthy?

Healthy living blogs abound online. But these healthy living blogs may not really be so healthy.

Is Facebook Making Us Hate Our Bodies?

Social media, like Facebook, has become a pervasive presence in our culture. How does social media effect how we feel about our bodies? A recent research study investigates this issue.

Does Thinking You Are Fatter Make You Fatter?

Many adolescents misperceive their body size; it is not uncommon for normal weight adolescents to categorize themselves as overweight. What is the effect of this misperception of body size?

Skinny Shaming

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the Goldilocks fable. This one is too fat…that one is too thin…is anyone just right? While the media has continued to bombard us with the usual fat shaming messages, I’ve also been noticing a lot of skinny shaming recently.

Meditate Your Way to Better Sex

As Valentine’s Day approaches--along with the much anticipated release of the steamy 50 Shades of Grey film-- sex is on the forefront of our cultural psyche. What is the magic to having better sex? Read this article to find out.


What is diabulimia? Read this post to learn about the signs, symptoms, and dangerous consequences of this eating disorder.

A New Drug Treatment for Binge-Eating Disorder

On January 30, 2015, the FDA approved the use of Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) to treat binge-eating disorder (BED) in adults. This is the first medication ever approved by the FDA for the treatment of BED. But before you run out to your nearest physician to get your prescription, here are some things to know.

Is Your Self Worth Up for Sale?

You could say that owning both diet food and junk food companies sounds like a conflict of interest. The success of one business may mean losses for another. But on the contrary, this is a successful and profitable business practice, with damaging effects for our self-esteem. The worse we feel, the more money they make.