French Ban on Too-Skinny Models Passes

How many more fashion model deaths will it take before America passes legislation to ensure healthy-sized runway walkers?
Marcia Herrin

The New Improved BMI

BMI categories underestimate the presumed health consequences of lower weights and overestimate the presumed health consequences of higher weights.

Eating Disorders, Body Image and the Women’s Rights Movement

Twenty years after the Beijing conference on women's rights and gender equality, we still have work to do.

Feeling Stuck in Your Battle Against an Eating Disorder?

"At some point we made pain a problem to be solved like a math problem. Pain can't be solved any more than a sunset can be solved."

Disclosing One’s Own Disorder to Prove Recovery is Possible

The anxiety surrounding giving up an eating disorder is immense.

How the Asian Pop Culture Boom Is Feeding Eating Disorders

In our globalized world, the idea of the "western toxin effect" now seems quaint.

Why We Disagree With The Film "Fed Up"

Why we disagree with the film "Fed Up."

Gone by Emma B.

Heads up to friends and family members of someone suffering from an eating disorder.

Anorexia Nervosa Poses High Risk for Fractures in Girls

Anorexia is putting teenagers are risk for broken bones.

Healthy Cooking in a High-Risk Profession

In a high-risk profession for eating disorders, a dancer-turned cook teaches healthy cooking and eating.

Ballet: Extra Vigilance for At-Risk Kids

Dance and the child at risk for disordered eating.

What Are "Recovery Bangs" in an Eating Disorder?

Your hair will get too thin if you get too thin.

Hello, Real-size Doll; Goodbye, Freakish Barbie

Will a real-size doll take the place of Barbie?

Diabulimia: One Woman's Tale of Recovery

How you can start on your path to recovery.

To the Brink of Death and Back

In dramatic fashion, author Lee Wolfe Blum tells her tale of illness and redemption.

Self-Monitoring Apps: Recovery Record or Rise Up

New apps make self-monitoring interactive and even fun for patients and provides lots of information for clinicians.

Food Journals, Food Records, and Self-Monitoring

Food journals solve mysteries and suggest solutions.

Watching: "You Are Beautiful"

Two 13-year-old-girls make a powerful short film about eating disorders.

Is Picky Eating the Newest Eating Disorder?

A common sense approach helps picky eaters with ARFID.

Accepting your Body Could Save your Daughter

Accepting your body and organizing your child's eating is a recipe for success.

I Am Afraid of Food—Can You Help Me?

There are plenty of things to be of afraid (e.g., global warming, war, famine), but food isn't one of them.

At Last, Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Parity

An end to those interminable fights with insurers? Let's hope so.

Treating Diabetes-Related Eating Disorders

Restricting insulin to lose weight is all to frequent among type 1 diabetes suffers, but it can kill.

An Alternative to Leaving College for Treatment

Can a three-session intensive treatment program be the "motivational gateway" students need to commit to getting well?

Weight Stigma in Schools: Q&A with Dr. Rebecca M. Puhl

Weight-based bullying is the most common form of bullying in schools.

For Students, Perils of Weight Bias, Anti-Obesity Programs

“When you talk about getting rid of childhood obesity, I think you want to get rid of me.”

Tweet with Marcia about How Food Rules an Eating Disorder

The Academy of Eating Disorders Tweets with the Public.

Are You a Traitor to the Eating Disorder Rule of Law?

Eating disorders can feel like a dictator who controls subjects' lies, threats, intimidation and increasingly severe penalties—including death.

Don't Settle for "Almost Recovered"

Is your relationship with food, exercise and body image an uneasy one? Dr. Jennifer Thomas and Jenni Schaefer give it a name and explain how to improve it.

I'm Back and on Video

Marcia talks about eating disorders on video at