Can We "Policy" Our Way Out of Childhood Obesity?

Should we keep funding dietary programs that attempt to address childhood obesity? Hint: They are not working.

Never Too Early to Learn Low-fat: Part 3

To address the increasing prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity, conventional recommendations include low-fat dairy and lean proteins. Does the evidence support this position? Is there a potential for harm to growing children if these recommendations are followed?

Nourishing the Most Vulnerable Children

While some children seem to do well on commercial formulas, other children suffer from negative side effects such as painful reflux, wretching, constipation, diarrhea, weight loss, or even failure to thrive. These children may benefit from blenderized whole food formulas, which can be designed by experienced dietitians.

Never Too Early to Learn Low-Fat: Part 2

While the increasing rate of childhood obesity seems to have leveled off, there is a growing consensus that much more needs to be done, and at earlier ages if we hope to have an impact. We need to do our best to get the education right, as teaching children the wrong information will most certainly be worse than doing nothing at all.

Never Too Early To Learn About Low Fat?

Samantha was in most ways a typical patient, slightly round in the middle but otherwise healthy. She knew a few things about healthy eating; she ate cereal with nonfat milk for breakfast, and made an effort to eat her fruits and vegetables. When I asked if she liked eggs, she said “yes, but only the whites.” When I asked why, she answered rather matter-of-factly.