Falls End Lives; Good Balance Saves Them

Falling is a major cause of disability and death. Physical exercise and specific balance tasks greatly reduce the risks. People who don't change their behavior to prevent falls are almost sure to have them.

Buying And Selling Binge Eating Disorder

In Greek myth, Cassandra was cursed with the gift of seeing the future without having any power to change it. I now know the feeling. What a mess.

Wilderness Programs for a Struggling Child

As a last resort for behaviorally disturbed kids, wilderness programs provide a new chapter and offer an opportunity for greater self-control, self-esteem, and wisdom. They are good for the kids, their families, the juvenile justice system, and society.

Psychotherapy Works But Not for Everyone

Treatments that work well for most don't work well for all. And even effective treatments have side effects and complications. This is true of medication and surgery—and it is also true of psychotherapy.

Welcoming the Mentally Ill Back into Our Community

It has been my life’s passion to help the victims of mental illness discover that they can again be loveable, loving, purposeful people with the ability no longer to be overwhelmed by their illness.

The Crisis of Confidence in Medical Research

Randomized placebo controlled studies have been the gold standard in medical research, but some believe they have been so corrupted by Pharma that they cannot be trusted.

There's No Back Pain Surgery Can't Make Worse

Surgeons are too quick to operate on back pain and doctors are to quick to prescribe dangerously addicting opioids. Much better bets are rehab exercises and mindfulness.

Having a Severe Mental Illness Means Dying Young

People diagnosed with serious mental illness-schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or sever depression- die 20 years early because of a combination of lousy medical care, smoking, lack of exercise, complications of medication, suicide, and accidents. They are the most discriminated against and neglected group in the US, which has become probably the worst place in the developed

The Globalization Of Attention Deficit Disorder

Mental disorders have become a global commodity. A diagnostic fad heavily promoted first in the US now quickly spreads around the world. Parents must protect their kids from the drug company promoted flood of massive ADHD over diagnosis and over treatment.

Surviving Suicide: A Mother’s Search for Meaning

I have known dozens of mothers who have lost children to suicide. None ever really got over it. All remained intermittently haunted and forever felt a hollowness in life. But life must go on and a serving mother explains how she found new meaning and purpose.

Price Tags On Medical Procedures To Stimulate Competition

The Internet has reduced the price, and increased the convenience, of shopping for just every product in our economy- except medical care. Why not use comparative posted prices to empower consumers and reduce the monopoly power of providers.

Psychiatry and Recovery

Psychiatry and Recovery have compatible and complementary contributions to make in treating mental illness and in advocating for better funding and community care.

Back to Normal

We have become a dangerously pill popping society. I offer practical tips on how people can avoid being over-diagnosised and over-medicated.

Female Sexual Dysfunction and Disease Mongering

DSM 5 will give drug companies running room to continue their disease mongering of female sexual disorders- hyping questionable DSM ills as a means of pushing pills.

DSM 5 Confirms That Rape Is Crime, Not Mental Disorder

DSM-5 has rejected rape as a mental disorder. This should reduce the inaccurate use of psychiatric diagnosis to justify the longterm involuntary commitment of sexually violent predators who have already served their full prison sentence. Inappropriately using psychiatric diagnosis in the service of preventive detention is a slippery slope with disastrous consequences.

The Power of Sexual Selection

Sexual selection has powerfully influenced psychology and psychology has powerfully influenced evolution.

Who Was the Greatest Psychologist?

Darwin's evolutionary approach to human psychology is the foundation of all later developments.

A New Blog Title and a New Mission: 'Saving Normal'

Now that DSM 5 is in press, my new mission is saving normal.

Price Gouging: Why Will DSM-5 Cost $199 a Copy?

DSM-5 is pricing itself out of the market at $200 a copy. I explain the forces leading to this price gouging and why it won't work.

Bad News: DSM 5 Refuses to Correct Somatic Symptom Disorder

DSM 5 will inappropriately label as mentally ill 1 in 6 people with cancer and heart disease; 1 in 4 with irritable bowel and fibromyalgia; and 1 in 14 who are not even medically ill. DSM 5 rejected the simple wording changes I suggested that would have helped correct this problem.

Pragmatism In Psychiatric Diagnosis

This is a response to Dr Ghaemi's claim that DSM IV and DSM 5 both suffer from excessive pragmatism. Psychiatric diagnosis must be pragmatic. DSM 5 suffers from not being pragmatic enough.

Gun Control Can't Work If Restricted to the Mentally Ill

Gun control for the mentally ill won't prevent our epidemic of mass murder. It's long past time to ban assault weapons for everyone. Politicians have a choice- protect our kids or protect the interests of NRA radical ideologues.

Last Plea to DSM 5: Save Grief From the Drug Companies

DSM-5 wil confuse bereavement with depression, reducing the dignity of grief and subjecting grievers to unnecessary medication.

2 Weeks Post Newtown- Gun Control, Mental Health, and Grief

There are three lessons from the latest in our epidemic of mass murders: 1) it is long past time to have a sane gun control policy that protects us from military-style firearms; 2) we need to provide better mental health care for the seriously ill; and, 3) grief is completely normal and should not be confused with clinical depression.

One Last Chance For APA To Make DSM 5 Safer

The vigorous opposition to the American Psychiatric Association's approval of DSM-5 suggests that it will lack credibility and will not gain widespread approval. I suggest four ways that DSM-5 can be revised to make it less risky and more usable in clinical practice.

Mislabeling Medical Illness As Mental Disorder

DSM-5 will add to the woes for the medically ill in two ways: 1) by encouraging a quick jump to the erroneous conclusion that someone's physical symptoms are 'all in the head'; and 2) by mislabeling as mental disorders what are really just the normal emotional reactions that people have in response to medical illness.

DSM 5 Is Guide Not Bible—Ignore Its Ten Worst Changes

The ten worst suggestions that were recently approved for DSM-5 are summarized and the recommendation made that clinicians and the public not to use them at all or use them with great caution.

Will the DSM-5 Reduce Rates of Autism?

The DSM-5 radical redefinition of autism will dramatically reduce the number of people who will qualify for the diagnosis.

You Can't Turn A Sow's Ear Into A Silk Purse

The DSM-5 Field Tests produced historically low levels of diagnostic agreement because they were poorly designed and conducted incompetently. The DSM 5 leadership is attempting to lower accepted standards. In a misleading effort to justify controversial proposals that may cause grave harm. This further discredits DSM 5 and APA.

DSM 5 Field Trials Discredit APA

The DSM-5 field trials came up with terrible results that are misleadingly presented in the American Journal of Psychiatry. This is more proof,if any were needed, that the American Psychiatric Association should lose control of the diagnostic system in psychiatry.