DSM 5 Tries to Sneak in Hebephilia

he DSM 5, Sexual Disorders work group has not yet given up on its discredited pet idea and persists in trying to find new ways to sneak Hebephilia into DSM 5.

DSM 5 Against Everyone Else

An editorial by the Society Of Biological Psychiatry wondered whether DSM 5 was necessary at all.

Mental Health Clinicians Can Use ICD-10-CM

I just read a blog by Dr. Dayle Jones that could have an important influence in the endgame effort to save DSM 5 from itself.

Psychosis Risk: Three Strikes and You Are Out

It is long past time for DSM 5 to accept that psychosis risk, however renamed or repackaged, simply won't fly.

The Scandalous Off-Label use of Antipsychotics in Anxiety Disorders

DSM 5 plans to introduce two new and untested diagnoses that would offer natural targets for poor drug prescribing—psychosis risk syndrome and temper dysregulation. There is no evidence that antipsychotics would confer any benefit on kids so labeled (and too often mislabeled), but great reason to worry that this would not stop their being used needlessly and recklessly.

Polypharmacy: Some Art, Some Science, Much Alchemy

Polypharmacy has become so ubiquitous that more accidental overdoses are now caused by prescription drugs than by street drugs.