DSM 5 to the Barricades on Grief

The storm of opposition to DSM 5 is now focused on its silly and unnecessary proposal to medicalize grief. To paraphrase Voltaire, normal grief is not 'Major', is not 'Depressive,' and is not 'Disorder.' Grief is the normal and necessary human reaction to love and loss, not some phony disease.

DSM-5: How Reliable Is Reliable Enough?

This is the title of a disturbing commentary written by the leaders of the DSM 5 Task Force and published in this month's American Journal of Psychiatry. The contents suggest that we must lower our expectations and be satisfied with levels of unreliability in DSM 5 that historically have been clearly unacceptable.

Two Fallacies Invalidate the DSM-5 Field Trials

The designer of the DSM-5 field trials has just written a telling commentary in the American Journal of Psychiatry. She makes two very basic errors that reveal the fundamental worthlessness of these field trials and their inability to provide any information that will be useful for DSM-5 decision making.

DSM 5 Tries to Sneak in Hebephilia

he DSM 5, Sexual Disorders work group has not yet given up on its discredited pet idea and persists in trying to find new ways to sneak Hebephilia into DSM 5.

DSM 5 Against Everyone Else

An editorial by the Society Of Biological Psychiatry wondered whether DSM 5 was necessary at all.