Gun Control Can't Work If Restricted to the Mentally Ill

Gun control for the mentally ill won't prevent our epidemic of mass murder. It's long past time to ban assault weapons for everyone. Politicians have a choice- protect our kids or protect the interests of NRA radical ideologues.

Last Plea to DSM 5: Save Grief From the Drug Companies

DSM-5 wil confuse bereavement with depression, reducing the dignity of grief and subjecting grievers to unnecessary medication.

2 Weeks Post Newtown- Gun Control, Mental Health, and Grief

There are three lessons from the latest in our epidemic of mass murders: 1) it is long past time to have a sane gun control policy that protects us from military-style firearms; 2) we need to provide better mental health care for the seriously ill; and, 3) grief is completely normal and should not be confused with clinical depression.

One Last Chance For APA To Make DSM 5 Safer

The vigorous opposition to the American Psychiatric Association's approval of DSM-5 suggests that it will lack credibility and will not gain widespread approval. I suggest four ways that DSM-5 can be revised to make it less risky and more usable in clinical practice.

Mislabeling Medical Illness As Mental Disorder

DSM-5 will add to the woes for the medically ill in two ways: 1) by encouraging a quick jump to the erroneous conclusion that someone's physical symptoms are 'all in the head'; and 2) by mislabeling as mental disorders what are really just the normal emotional reactions that people have in response to medical illness.

DSM 5 Is Guide Not Bible—Ignore Its Ten Worst Changes

The ten worst suggestions that were recently approved for DSM-5 are summarized and the recommendation made that clinicians and the public not to use them at all or use them with great caution.

Will the DSM-5 Reduce Rates of Autism?

The DSM-5 radical redefinition of autism will dramatically reduce the number of people who will qualify for the diagnosis.

You Can't Turn A Sow's Ear Into A Silk Purse

The DSM-5 Field Tests produced historically low levels of diagnostic agreement because they were poorly designed and conducted incompetently. The DSM 5 leadership is attempting to lower accepted standards. In a misleading effort to justify controversial proposals that may cause grave harm. This further discredits DSM 5 and APA.

DSM 5 Field Trials Discredit APA

The DSM-5 field trials came up with terrible results that are misleadingly presented in the American Journal of Psychiatry. This is more proof,if any were needed, that the American Psychiatric Association should lose control of the diagnostic system in psychiatry.

Personalized Biological Testing In Psychiatry

Our current diagnostic system is based on fallible and subjective clinical judgments.

The Military Can Do More to Prevent Suicides

The military is taking sensible steps to reduce its unacceptably high suicide rate but is not going far enough in reducing access to two methods commonly used by soldiers- privately held guns and caches of prescription drugs.

Fairness Will Win The Debate And Win The Election

Barack Obama will win the debates and the election because our economic inequality has reached a tipping point that offends our inherent and hardwired sense of fairness.

Don't Blame Everything On Psychology

David Brooks is again using pop psychology to defend bad social policy.

The Epidemic of Suicide in the Military

Here are 10 ways the military can respond to the enormous increase in suicide, which is now twice as common as combat deaths.

Fighting the Wrong War On Drugs

We are fighting a battle against illegal drug cartels we can't possibly win, while we have not yet begun the war against the dangers of prescription drug abuse that we couldn't possibly lose.

Internet Addiction - The Next New Fad Diagnosis

Internet addiction is a fad diagnosis that needs to be stopped before it gains momentum.

Mass Murderer Psychobabble Misses The Gun Policy Point

In his recent New York Times piece, David Brooks" provides a psychological analysis of mass murderers, concluding that: "The crucial point is that the dynamics are internal, not external. These killers are primarily the product of psychological derangements, not sociological ones."

Follow The Money

The APA budget depends heavily on the huge publishing profits generated by its DSM monopoly. APA needs the money badly.

Public Relations Fictions Trying to Hide DSM 5 Facts

Recently APA recruited a public relations guy from the Department of Defense to respond to my concerns that DSM 5 is way off track. He immediately went on the offensive and (in an interview for Time magazine) made the obvious PR mistake of calling me 'a dangerous man'.

Newsflash From APA Meeting: DSM 5 Has Flunked Its Reliability Tests

The whole purpose of having a manual of psychiatric diagnosis is to promote diagnostic agreement.