In Her Closet

I knew it would be difficult to clean out my mother's closet — full of elegant clothes, boxes of photos and hidden secrets. I thought wine would help make it less painful, but there's no escaping memories.

Addiction Envy

Why a "good girl" can envy the drama of addiction

Wine & Serenity on Super Bowl Sunday?

I get that football is sacred to many. But the noise level, beer drinking and commercial-time tackling is as far away from my zen-like Sundays as possible. Nevertheless, what's a wife/mom to do? I may just have to join them.

Marriage Leads to Women Drinking More and Men Drinking Less

Does marriage drive women to drink more and men to consume less? A recent study offers some insight.

What's Your Drinking Style?

In the end, the most helpful thing you can do is ask yourself: What kind of a drinking life do I feel most comfortable with, given who I really am?

Avoiding Family Angst on Thanksgiving

This year, my mother is not invited to our Thanksgiving. It's a difficult choice I've made to keep the holiday enjoyable for the rest of the family.

Are Mothers the Gods of Their Children's Drinking?

Are moms to blame for their children's future drinking?

Do I Have a Drinking Problem? Nah

After years of carefree sipping, I was forced to grapple with the question, "What does drinking mean to me?"