Why Do Some Women Know How to Handle Men?

Yet when our teacher asked us how many of us would like to marry Heathcliff (the Byronic hero in "Wuthering Heights") all the hands shot up. Obviously we were in for trouble.

What Is Madness?

Madness has also been a useful tool for autocratic governments in countries like Germany during the Nazi period, South Africa under apartheid, or the Soviet Union.

How Much Truth Should We Tell Our Children

In my own case, writing a memoir about my sister's death I have been accused by some of what one writer on amazon called "Revenge Porn."

How to Handle Someone in a Bad Mood

Yesterday my husband, a doctor, came in the door,with a long face, carrying the groceries he had bought. I could see he was annoyed.

Three Ways to Choose a Partner

"He is coming to paint my house!" she said, her eyes shining with admiration. "Imagine, he offered! I immediately knew he was a keeper."

What Is the Best Way to Defend Ourselves From a Bully?

"I promised not to tell," my sister would say to me, telling me her sad story as though it had happened to someone else.

What Can We Do About Domestic Violence?

Sometimes, I suggested she simply leave the country, run away, but she told me her husband had the children’s passports kept in his safe. She couldn’t abandon six children.

How Much Truth Should We Tell?

How much truth should we tell and how should we tell it?

How to Overcome Guilt?

Of course, there are people who should feel guilty. Yet, ironically these are the very ones who often do not feel any remorse like the young man who shot nine black parishioners.

Why Do Women Put Up With Infidelity?

What we can we learn about infidelity from "Jackie."

Why Is Hair so Important to Us?

Is it more than vanity?

How to Create Suspense

How do you keep a reader reading a text?

What Makes People Resort to Physical Violence?

What makes people resort to physical violence?

What Goes Into the Creative Act? Can Therapy Be Creative?

Is there any overlap between therapy and the creative act?

Why Do Women Feel Ashamed After Sexual Assault?

Like so many women, I have experienced sexual assault, and unlike many have written about it, sometimes even naming the responsible party, but so many years later.

What Do We Remember of Our Pasts?

How much do we falsify our own past to suit our present needs and desires?

How Much Can We Borrow from One Another?

Isaac Newton reportedly said back in 1676: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

How to Face Death With Equanimity

Of all my seven grandchildren, Masha is the only one at whose birth I assisted. It was a privileged moment in my life. Yet I was anxious.

Six Secrets of Success in Love and Work

It is often from suffering that we learn best how to live.

Three Ways to Transform Your Life

For it is often in our pasts that we find the solution to the present situation.

How to Acquire Authority

Kent: "You have in your countenance that which I would fain call master. Lear: "What is that?" Kent: "Authority"

What Lies at the Heart of the Criminal Act ?

What interests me here is the motivation of the killer, why and how such an evil act could be performed. It is Ivan Karamazov’s old question: the reason for the existence of evil in the world.

How to Change Your Life

So often in life one feels a victim, forced by circumstances, personality, or even up-bringing to suffer in silence or "to grin and bear it." Many of us were brought up in the English tradition where one is expected not to explain or complain but to carry on cheerfully regardless.

How Important Are Good Manners?

The French have a saying: "Hypocrisy is the bow that vice makes to virtue."

Where Do Our Fantasies Come From?

But from this reality, Oates takes a few small steps ( did Henry James really faint at his first visit overcome by the sights and sounds around him?) and eventually some imaginative leaps which seem to come only from her own imagination and perhaps her own fantasies. Are they also ours?

What Happens in the Creative Act?

One of the best ways to answer this fascinating question is to read great writers writing about other great writers and thus describing the creative act. In the historical novel, written about a great writer, we have two writers engaged in the creative act: the writer who is the subject of the study and the author him or herself.

How To Write the Historical Novel

It is interesting to look at three excellent examples of the historical novel and see how the authors tackle their task one which Henry James, himself, deemed doomed to failure. He wrote of the historical novel "as tainted by a fatal cheapness.”

Why Has Our Attitude to Homosexuality Changed?

What has changed our attitudes to homosexuality?

Should We Choose Someone Similar or Different as a Mate?

Should we choose someone very different or similar to us as a partner?

Why Do We Choose Unsuitable Partners?

Having lost a father when we were very young ( I was seven and my sister nine) my sister and I may have felt that men were fragile, that they might easily desert us, disappear, leave not a rack behind. Perhaps we feared that without our help, without us to prop them up, bolster their self-esteem, keep them safe, they would crumble into dust.