What Do We Have That Is Most Precious?

One wonders if we have lost sight of what is most precious in our lives — and what the consequences of this will be.

What Makes a Country Great?

How can we institute the necessary freedoms for people to flourish, to preserve our natural world from pollution of the air and waters, and at the same time keep the peace?

How to Be Joyful

Where do we look if we seek happiness? Where do we turn if we wish to lift up our hearts? Perhaps the great writers have some answers for us.

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Perhaps the most important ingredient in perseverance is hope. If we have no hope, it is impossible to persevere. We lose heart and give up.

How to Know If Someone Is Right for You

I think of the scene in the series "The Crown" where Elizabeth, who is about to be crowned, tells Phillip that if he is man enough he will kneel down before her.

One Essential Thing We Can Do to Slow the Aging Process

So much of what we can do as we age depends on practice and consistency.

What Makes Someone Loveable?

All of this gives us many clues as how to present ourselves to evoke both sympathy and admiration, how to make ourselves loved in life.

Why Do We Like to Dress Up on Feast Days?

One of the patients, a young woman who had been at the hospital for some time moved silently through the halls refusing to speak.

What Is the Source of Evil?

After the mass killings in Las Vegas, President Trump declared it was an act of pure evil. Is there any way to understand an action of this kind?

Something Important You Can Tell Your Child

As children, my sister and I were taught not to talk about money. Other, apparently more scabrous subjects, even sex, might be mentioned sotto voce or even laughed about.

How to Write Your Story

You may imagine you have all the right stuff. It may not be as easy as you had expected.

How to be the best host or hostess

How, I wondered, would our host and hostess cope with feeding and entertaining such a horde? Would they not be exhausted and perhaps exasperated by the work involved?

Why Do We Believe in Ghosts?

When I was seven years old, my Aunt Hazel read me the first two chapters of “Jane Eyre” in the house where my father had just died. The effect was terrifying.

How to Please a Woman or a Man in the Bedroom

I always think of my mother-in-law talking about her Italian lover, Enzo. I see her sitting smiling in the shade of her terrace in Bologna with all the earthenware pots.

The most essential thing a parent can do for a child

What can we do for our children that will give them confidence, enable them to feel empathy for others, and succeed as best they can in their lives?

How to Gain Confidence in Your Life and Loves

To maintain absolute truths with great conviction, often expresses the opposite: a basic insecurity. Doubt cannot be envisaged or the whole edifice would crumble.

Five Ways to Create Harmony in the Home

Firstly, decide if intimacy is important to you. If it is, you need to be basically honest with your partner. You cannot lie which means no truly egregious acts can be committed.

Six Ways to Appeal to an Audience

Here are six tips learned over long years of standing up in public to read and talk about my books and teaching, or simply amusing people at the dinner table.

How to Accept Your Mother for the Person She Is or Was

Her mother had asked my mother how much she should spend on caterers and flowers for my wedding. “The sky’s the limit, Win,” my mother told her.

Why Do Some Women Know How to Handle Men?

Yet when our teacher asked us how many of us would like to marry Heathcliff (the Byronic hero in "Wuthering Heights") all the hands shot up. Obviously we were in for trouble.

What Is Madness?

Madness has also been a useful tool for autocratic governments in countries like Germany during the Nazi period, South Africa under apartheid, or the Soviet Union.

How Much Truth Should We Tell Our Children

In my own case, writing a memoir about my sister's death I have been accused by some of what one writer on amazon called "Revenge Porn."

How to Handle Someone in a Bad Mood

Yesterday my husband, a doctor, came in the door,with a long face, carrying the groceries he had bought. I could see he was annoyed.

Three Ways to Choose a Partner

"He is coming to paint my house!" she said, her eyes shining with admiration. "Imagine, he offered! I immediately knew he was a keeper."

What Is the Best Way to Defend Ourselves From a Bully?

"I promised not to tell," my sister would say to me, telling me her sad story as though it had happened to someone else.

What Can We Do About Domestic Violence?

Sometimes, I suggested she simply leave the country, run away, but she told me her husband had the children’s passports kept in his safe. She couldn’t abandon six children.

How Much Truth Should We Tell?

How much truth should we tell and how should we tell it?

How to Overcome Guilt?

Of course, there are people who should feel guilty. Yet, ironically these are the very ones who often do not feel any remorse like the young man who shot nine black parishioners.

Why Do Women Put Up With Infidelity?

What we can we learn about infidelity from "Jackie."

Why Is Hair so Important to Us?

Is it more than vanity?