On Art And Madness

My mother would often warn me, “Now Sheila, you don’t want to be too clever for your own good.” Obviously she equated “cleverness” with something dangerous. She was much more interested in how people had reacted to my dress after a party, “Did they like your dress?” she would ask, rather than my report card.

On Getting The Right Advice From The Right Person

When my ex husband first told me that he had fallen in love with someone else, I called, of all people, my mother-in-law for advice.

How To Act Most Seductively With A Lover

How To Make Someone Love You Forever.

What Do Women Want From Women And Men From Men ?

Do homosexuals and heterosexuals want different things from their partners?

What do Women Want from Men and Men from Women?

What do men and women want of one another?

How To Reach God

What makes us feel close to God?

How to Avoid the Same Old Argument

How to avoid that old argument that accomplishes nothing.

How Different Is the Artist From the Writer?

Has the image replaced the word?

How to Face Suffering

How to find consolation in moments of despair

What Makes a Book or a Blog Sell?

How to sell your book or blog.

How To Give and Get More From Those Around You

Giving and getting more from those you care about

On Women and Work

How much should women have to work ?

How To Use Place To Tell Your Story

How to use place to tell your story

Story, Memory, and Trauma

How important is it to be able to tell our story?

Where Do Novels Come From?

Where does our inspiration come from?

How Much Does the Language We Speak Shape Our Identity?

Can a different language change who we are?

How Much Should We Allow a Partner to Influence Us?

Should we allow our partner to influence us?

Four Suspenseful Stories in Freud's Wolfman Case.

What are the main stories in Freud's Wolfman case

How Important Is Hair in the Formation of Identity?

How important is hair in the formation of identity?

Dressing Up As Someone Else In Order to Discover Who We Are

How disguises help discover a deeper truth

How to Braid the Strands of Your Story Together

How to render the complexity of your life on the page

Why Do We Search For Our Roots?

What makes us who we are?

How to Create a Convincing Character

How to create a convincing character or case history

How to Maintain a Loving Relationship Over the Years

How to keep a relationship loving

What Happens When Young Children Lose A Parent?

How to help children who have lost a parent.

How to Take Advantage of the Luck in Your Life

How to take advantage of the luck in your life.

How to Create a Suspenseful Story

How do we create suspense on the page?

Elements of Freud's Life in the Case Histories

How much of his own life is in Freud's case histories?

Have Our Ideas Of Women Changed Much?

What can "Gone Girl" tell us about women today?

Why Are We So Fascinated by Violence?

Violence is all around us and perhaps we like to talk about it to make it understandable to us. How is it possible that someone could cut off someone’s head? we wonder reading the news or even watching the beheading done by a masked man who speaks our language, English, to us on a video. Where does such evil come from?