Children's Dreams and Nightmares

Recurring nightmares in early childhood need to be treated as they may portend later behavioral problems

Dreams of Finding Treasure

Unearthing buried treasure in your dream may predict a period of creativity in your life

Non-Self Characters in Lucid Dreams

Non-self dream characters are not simple expressions of a sub-personality of the dreamer.

Can Two People Have the Same Dream?

We have no good scientific explanations for shared dreams. Perhaps that is why science has not yet investigated these events.

Arianna Huffington's Sleep Revolution

Arianna Huffington's new book "The sleep revolution" effectively lays out the public health consequences of sleep loss and then points to a way forward to address this crisis

Sleep Paralysis

Do dreams leave us paralyzed during REM sleep?

Are Dreams Required for Memory?

Dreams may decompose autobiographical elements and then recombine them in creative ways to create our long term memories.

Dopamine and Dreams

Dopamine is central to motivation and reward and may be central to dreams as well.

Review of Windt's book on dreams

Windt expertly and systematically reviews the latest research on the nature of dreams.

People Who Don't Dream Might Not Recall Their Dreams

Although some people swear that they have never dreamed new data suggests that they may be mistaken.

Are We Responsible for Our Violent Dreams?

Mental content of dreams can sometimes perfectly coincide with mental content of overt behavioral acts and that fact can raise thorny legal and philosophical issues.

Recent Research on REM Sleep Functions

REM has been shown to be genetically determined and important for emotional memory.

New developments in sleep and development

in order to understand functions of sleep we need to study the ways in which it develops in the child

12 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dreams, Answered

What is the current scientific consensus concerning dreams?

New Evidence on Dreams and Memory

The dream lag effect, wherein images from daily events appear in dreams 5-7 days later, appears to be restricted to personally significant events only.

Dreams and Narrative

Why are dreams like stories? Because they are made to be interpreted.

Music and Dreams: The Case of the Beatles

Why are some forms of music relatively rare in dreams? Dreams screen out redundant and parasitic forms of information but will process musical phrases that violate expectancies

Why Some of Your Dreams Have Sequels

Dreams may have a life of their own if they can store dream specific memories over time.

Dreams as Virtual Reality Simulations

Recent data on brain activation patterns in REM support the idea that dreaming involves production of vary complex mental simulations...but to what purpose?

Dreams More Accurately Track Thought and Emotion Than Waking

Network, graph, and content analyses of dreams consistently demonstrate more accurate information on emotions and thought in dreams than in waking reports.

The Continuity Hypothesis of Dreams: A More Balanced Account

The continuity hypothesis of dreams has strong empirical support and its supporters are now studying those lements of dreams that are apparently discontinous with waking life

Dreams and the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics

If the many worlds interpretation of quantum phenomena is correct, it may carry implications for the nature of dreaming

The Mystery of REM-related Penile Erections

Why do men and boys display "morning wood"? It occurs in tandem with REM during the night and may signal genetic fitness.

The Promise and Perils of Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming may teach us about consciousness and help control nightmares but they may also incur sleep debt

Can Our Dreams Solve Problems While We Sleep?

People can intentionally dream about the problems of a target individual they do not know.

A Significant Advance in the Theory of REM Sleep and Dreams

New models of dreams puts the play of emotions, novelty-seeking and value apprehension at the center of the dreaming process.

Dreams and Memory

A new theory of the role of dreams in memory processing may help to solve the longstanding mystery concerning dreaming's myriad functional roles.

Sleep, Dreams and Dissociation

Dissociative symptoms like memory lapses, out of body experiences, and identity confusion, can be due to sleep fragmentation but the good news is that there are effective treatments.

Religiosity and Dream Recall

Who do women who frequently attend religious services no longer recall their dreams? The answer may tell us something about the function of dreams.

A Plea For Collaboration Among Online Sleep and Dream Orgs

Online sleep and dream communities are beginning to build vast collections of dreams and related sleep data. These communities should establish baseline data formatting conventions to make future collaborative efforts possible and fruitful.