Are Bankers Disgusting?

Why do flush bankers produce the same emotion as unflushed toilets? The answer lies in the evolutionary history of disgust.

The Power of Emotion

Handwashing with soap could save many lives globally. Though most people know it they don't actually do it. We showed how to harness emotions such as disgust to get people washing hands in rural India.

What Turns You On?

We are driven by lust, fear, disgust, love, affiliation, justice and other motives. What are the 15 motives that govern our behaviour and where do they come from?

Disgust Has Us in Its Grip

Disgust is a powerful emotion which dictates much of what we do, both in private and in public. Understanding it can help us to understand a lot about ourselves – our seemingly irrational behaviour, as well our feelings and our emotions.

No Self Control

We have 14 evolved motives which make us want what was good for our ancestors, not what is good for us today. How can understanding our motives help us to live happier and healthier lives?

Fright Night

Halloween has ancient cultural roots but three basic human motives underpin it. What can this peculiar festival tell us about the differences between fear and disgust, and why is it fun?